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Simply Contests is a contest site devoted to bringing you easy to enter online sweepstakes, giveaways, contests and freebies!

About the Authors

Winnie and Madison have been friends since the sixth grade. After spending years (and miles) apart during college and their 20s, they’re now raising their families just 2 blocks away from each other. Madison’s love for blogging and Winnie’s love for contests is the perfect combination for the readers of Simply Contests!

About Winnie
Simply Contests was started in 2008 by Winnie. Her goal was to share the wealth, as she claimed there are always enough prizes and freebies out there to go around! For 3 straight years Winnie shared as many easy to enter sweepstakes, contests, and freebie offers as she could in one place so readers could simply enter one after another.

I love free stuff! I have become somewhat obsessed in my quest to win contests and receive promotional freebies. Several times a week I come home to find a package waiting for me containing a prize – anything from beauty products to kitchenware to clothing to concert tickets to kids’ toys. I have even won a cash prize this past year. My conclusion is this – if you enter enough contests – You Will Win! – Winnie

But after Winnie and her husband welcomed their new baby to their family, life got a little too busy for contests (or at least writing about them!)

About Madison

Fast forward to 2013, when Madison took over Simply Contests to start a series of giveaways and begin the rebuilding of Simply Contests.

Madison, who runs the personal finance site My Dollar Plan loves free money deals and free stuff.

I love free stuff, but I love it even more when I get to tell a reader they are the winner of free stuff! Why not have a central location where we can give it away and have fun at the same time? – Madison

Don’t tell Winnie just yet, but it’s Madison’s long term goal after rebuilding Simply Contests to eventually lure Winnie back next year once her daughter goes to preschool and she has some free time again!

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