American Girl Cécile Nightgown Giveaway

Cecile American Girl Nightwear

It’s time for another giveaway for Simply Contests readers! Today, we’re giving away an American Girl Cécile Nightgown (list price $28).

American Girl Cécile’s Nightwear for Dolls

While technically, the nightgown is for the New Orleans American Girl Cécile Doll, of course it will fit any American Girl Doll or any other 18 inch doll. The nightwear includes a flannel nightgown, satin robe and knit slippers.

Buy It!

The American Girl Cécile’s Nightwear for Dolls currently sells for 11% off on Amazon.

Gift It!

Does someone in your family love American Girl Dolls? My daughter has been looking at the catalog… but I’m not quite sure she’s old enough to take care of an American Girl just yet!

Win It!

One lucky Simply Contests reader will win an American Girl Cécile’s Nightwear for Dolls.

Giveaway ends: December 17, 2013 at 11:59 pm CST.


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133 Responses to American Girl Cécile Nightgown Giveaway

  1. Elizabeth Harrison

    I just enter lots and lots and hope for the best! It’s fun to see what’s all out there!

  2. Kristie F

    You can’t enter if you don’t win. I just try to get as many entries as possible!

  3. Ann Barham

    I like to enter lots of giveaways. I also like to come back for daily entries.

  4. Debbie Jackson

    Just entering… don’t win if you aren’t entered.


    I enter a lot of different ones but no real strategy, just for fun.

  6. Kelly Woods

    Lots of prayer, organization, and consistence

  7. Darlene Carbajal

    My trick to winning giveaways/ contests is to enter a lot of them and try to get as many entries as possible. I have won so many giveaways in the past and still am. I’m not even lying. 🙂 People ask me how do I win so much, and I say, “It’s my little secret. :p

  8. Rebecca Lock

    My strategy is to enter. You cannot win if you do not enter.

  9. Heather B

    First step is to enter! and enter lots! you cant win if you don’t enter. Low Entry contests increase your chance of winning as well.

  10. Natalie

    I really don’t have a trick, but if I don’t need it or my kids are too old for something I will not enter ,I want it to be fair

  11. Stephen

    Go fast and faster!

  12. Natalie Schilla

    Consistent entry and patience.

  13. Lavonne Yates

    There is none for me, just enter cause you can not win if you dont.

  14. Derek B

    I just enter as many as I can, eventually your name has to come up. One hopes anyway.

  15. Debra S

    haha Strategy????????? Just enter and wish! I don’t think anyone can DO anything to win, it’s all just LUCK of the draw!!!

  16. Sharon Kaminski

    My best tip would be diligent and follow the directions precisely.


    I enter and cross my fingers that is my secret.

  18. My tip…and I have no idea if this even works, but I’m told to enter on the last day. They say your odds are better.

  19. derya w.

    enter as many times as you’re allowed and make sure you’re consistent! i also really like one time only entries because everyone has an equal chance (i won a grand prize trip with a one time only text!!). thanks for the chance!!

  20. karen

    i try to enter as many ways that i can and look for freebie

  21. Terry K

    Look for sweepstakes/giveaways that are limited to certain areas, look for ones with low entries and always read rules first to make sure you are not eliminated by entering more than once, etc. I have been entering sweeps/giveaways for over 20 years and yet to win big but I keep entering because one day it may happen. Good luck to all!

  22. vickie schlicher

    I try to enter numerous times

  23. I enter TONS of giveaways. Bound to win something!

  24. chris hoey

    I enter and cross my fingers and hope for the best that is my secret.

  25. Brooklyne

    My trick to winning giveaways/ contests is to enter a lot of them and try to get as many entries as possible.
    I Google search Many,Many Contests And Hope For The Best


    My daughter would love this.

  27. Phillip Cardwell

    My granddaughter would love this.

  28. Saki

    Pray Pray Pray! 😀

  29. Carey Miller

    I don’t really have a strategy. I just enter stuff and don’t win. 🙂 Wait – I won some books from GoodReads. They have lot of giveaways so the odds were really in my favor.

  30. jeremy mclaughlin

    Just enter as many as I can, cant win if you don’t enter.

  31. Dorothy Teel

    Well, I cross my fingers, toes, arms and legs. LOL no seriously, I try to follow all the rules and enter contests with items that I am interested in and if it is an item I really wand and it has daily entries, I mark the blog so I can go back and re enter daily.

  32. Tamar

    My strategy is consistency.

  33. Adrianne B

    My tip for winning giveaways is to stay organized and do the daily tweets!

  34. Victoria Carlson

    My tips are to enter as many as you can, even if it is just one entry. You are bound to win sometime 🙂

  35. I listen to Bible Gateway Bible chapters or Pandora while I enter. No other strategy.

  36. Danielle Johnson

    i enter as many as i can, i love to win.

  37. jessica g

    I try many different games and cross my fingers!

  38. Carolyn Colley

    The giveaways that I really want to win, I make sure that I try to enter my entries everyday. But I have also won several things by just putting one entry in. I figure I have as good a chance winning as anyone else.

  39. Jan P.

    I put as much time as possible toward the prizes I really want and will use or donate to charity.

  40. Nicole D.

    I just try to do as many entries as I can so the odds are in my favor!

  41. Being consistent in entering every day plus doing all of the daily entries is my tip.

  42. Gianna

    Don’t give up a try a little every day.

  43. Like everyone else says, just enter a lot and as often as you can. Spend every day entering whatever contests/sweeps/giveaways you can, even if it’s just a few. I try to enter on the low entries more often then the ones with a lot of entries, to increase my chances of winning (especially if I only have time to enter a few). I try to spend a few minutes at least twice a day entering, and more like an hour on my days off.

  44. jeanette sheets

    to enter as many as contest as possible come back daily for extra daily entries

  45. Rosanne

    I enter a lot and I enter often. I also believe in the laws of the universe that if you do for others and give to others it returns to you what you need

  46. sara

    I enter a lot of giveaways

  47. valerie

    I enter as many as possible in hopes of winning a few giveaways. and sometimes i make kiddo enter… she has better luck than me 🙂

  48. Amanda

    I look at a couple of giveaway roundups and see what’s new each week.

  49. Lesley F

    I enter & hope for the best

  50. Katie H

    I try to enter giveaways with decent odds and go back for daily enteries when I can.

  51. Jeane c

    I enter only those that I would like to win.. don’t enter if I don’t care for the prize..wastes time.

  52. Jennifer

    Enter lots of them, and don’t get discouraged. Don’t be afraid to do as many entries as you can. I once paid for half of Christmas that way.

  53. I have no strategy for winning giveaways. I just enter giveaways for items I genuinely like.


    I enter as many as possible and just keep my fingers crossed.

  55. silva

    i…enter…and hope I get lucky

  56. Rick p

    no strategy, just enter

  57. wendy rozema

    My strategy is to enter them, u can’t win if u don’t enter them!

  58. Brandi Dawn

    Commitment! If there is a daily option, then I enter daily.

  59. Elsie

    A strategy to win is to never give up, keep on entering, and to keep positive….

  60. Sara Cunningham

    I try to enter contests every week and just hope for the best!

  61. Linda G.

    I just enter every day

  62. Lauren-Olivia Wood

    I don’t have a particular strategy. I take a chance and hope I win!

  63. lisa l.

    My strategy is to enter as many giveaways that I can…I am bound to win right>

  64. Barbara Campbell

    I have three grand daughters. Isabella is 3 and loves dolls and dressing them up. She is never without a baby. Emma Rose is 6 and watched a couple of the American Girls and loved them so much. I had saved a cataloug that their mom used to loove looking at. I am just starting to use site’s like this give aways and I’m really hoping I win t. thank you Barbara

  65. Do extra entries for more chances

  66. Theresa

    do the daily entries

  67. Debra F

    I enter, enter, enter and at different times of the day.

  68. Lanicsha Wynn

    Get a premium membership and enter as many as you can

  69. alena svetelska

    I do enter about 100 blog ones and 100 fb pages sweeps and giveaway..i have ablout 30 goods one who i do my dailies to spike up chances in winnings.

  70. Lauren E.

    I search out low entry giveaways through google.

  71. Nicole D.

    I enter as many times as I can to better my odds!

  72. Julie Lee

    No strategy really. Never won anything yet but no harm in trying!

  73. Julie W

    No strategy really alot of it is just luck 🙂

  74. Elizabeth

    Wishing to get this for my step daughter… it’s one of the things that we enjoy together!!! Merry Christmas everyone!

  75. It’s all about the different ways to make entries. I see what options I have, and I follow the rules. I don’t try too hard, and I don’t like to cheat.

  76. Kyle Wilson

    I try to enter giveaways with few entries.

  77. Andrina G

    I try to do as many entries as possible. I also like to find low entry ones.


    Everyone enters, enters, enters, But I look at how many prizes there are. If 1000 people enter and there is 1 prize not good odds. It’s better if they are giving 10 prizes to lucky winners or something like a prize a day for 30 days. Sometimes these are smaller wins but at least your not empty handed. 🙂 good luck all.

  79. Tamara

    I like to enter sweeps that award multiple winners

  80. Janel

    You only live once! Life is about taking chances & if you let time slip without doing so, you will never know what could of been. Therefore, my only strategy to winning a contest is entering with hopes that I’m chosen.

  81. Darlene Owen

    If it is something I really want I go back everyday to enter again, they usually have something to do everyday such as tweet.

  82. KV

    I look for prizes I would use or would be able to give to others. I like contests that last for a short time.

  83. Kathy Davis

    If there is something I am really interested in winning, I go back every day and send a tweet or fill out any entries that you can duplicate each day. Don’t know if it works, but I am such an optimist that I think I am going to win every giveaway I enter.

  84. Asher Simon


  85. Georgia Beckman

    I try to do as many entries as possible. I don’t have instagram, so that is one I’m not eligible for, but I do Pinterest, twitter, FB, email subscriptions, etc. So if there’s something to be pinned, shared, tweeted, I do as many as possible.

  86. Amanda Moutos

    It pays to keep coming back each day for extra entries.

  87. My tips; just enter a lot and tweet eery day.

  88. Stacie

    I actually just started entering giveaways today. I figured it was the best way to try and win some presents for my 3 kids. I’d say just enter as much as you can (only what you can use or want. I wouldn’t enter something just to enter because it wouldn’t be nice to someone who really needed/wanted it) and visit each day 🙂

  89. I don’t have a strategy – I just enter things I think my family would love.

  90. I just enter and hope the odds are in my favor

  91. Pima

    I love entering giveaways!!!!! I don’t have a strategy.

  92. I just enter as many entries as I can and pray! So far I’ve won 3 giveways 🙂 and one was a biggie!

  93. Jeanna

    You can’t win if you don’t enter! I bookmark my favorites and do the daily entries on those! I think that helps!

  94. Heather Campbell

    I enter only what I would really like to win

  95. Paula V

    I enter as many entries as possible usually all of them except email subscriptions and instagram.

  96. Nikki Strong

    You can’t win if you don’t enter…

  97. Sarah L

    Only enter for prizes you really want to win.
    Thanks for the contest.

  98. I like to enter the ones with low entries!

  99. Alexis Hope

    I enter ones with low entries, restrictions (i.e. not available in certain states/countries-cuts down on the competition), and trivia because most people wont take the time to enter those.

  100. vickie schlicher

    somebody has to win and hopefully my name will be drawn one day

  101. Jan Hammersmith`

    just enter and hope luck is on your side

  102. Jenny

    I just enter the sweepstakes that have something that my kids or I will like or need.

  103. Andrea Smith

    Have a twitter account.

  104. shawna

    Make sure to enter and then hope luck is on your side.

  105. Danalee Davis

    Consistency is key. If I keep doing it and I do not give up even during the lulls I win. I enter some every day.

  106. Enter! Enter! Enter! If you are not in it, you cannot win it!

  107. michelle jonassen

    I guess I don’t have a strategy. I enter the ones that I know my children would love and I just keep trying.

  108. kathy pease

    I try to do as many entries as I can to make my chances better..I always enter giveaways ending that day so I dont miss

  109. beth

    i enter and cross my fingers

  110. Sarah Harding

    Enter as many giveaways as you can and wait for the emails!

  111. Kevin P

    I make sure to follow the contest rules and enter as many ways as possible.

  112. love it for my little cousin!

  113. Julia Cosgrove

    I just enter as many giveaways as I possibly can and try to keep going back for daily entries on ones I really want to win.

  114. MARTHA

    Enter,,,,,Enter,,,,,Enter,,,,,Pray Luck is on your side .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Donna Kellogg

    I just believe in good Karma Be the best person you can be and good things will happen. And sometimes that is a win.

  116. Allison

    For some reason I like toe niter the day they are ending!

  117. susan smoaks

    enter a lot to win a little is my strategy. the more i enter the more i win.

  118. tina reynolds

    I try to do as many entries as possible to have a better chance

  119. K-Squared

    Nothing: I am honored to have the knowing that I have an equal chance as anyone else!

  120. Mary Diehl

    I just enter any and every one that I’m interested in, then I try to remember to go back and do the daily entries. I keep telling myself and others you can’t win if you don’t enter and everyone has a chance at it by entering. I have won some really good things just since October. Yes it takes some time, but when you win, it feels so good. I give a big thanks to the bloggers and sponsors that do the giveaways, it has made Christmas possible for my great nephew that lives with me. I love doing these.

  121. melina r

    My strategy to winning giveaways is enter as often as possible. Make sure that you want the prize and can afford the taxes if prize requires taxes to be paid.

  122. Jessica

    I do all the extra entries I can.

  123. Elizabeth Fenter

    I don’t use Twitter, or any of the other ones except facebook, so I comment, or just enter and ignore the others. Otherwise, I just pray I win something!

  124. Elizabeth Fenter

    I just hold my breath, and pray I win!

  125. Ellie W.

    I just make sure to actually enter it! lol Then another strategy is to do everything I possibly can (i.e. Twitter, sign up for emails, etc).

  126. Shanna

    Just enter them ! Bound to win sometime =D

  127. Kaci Guisinger Harrison

    I try to get a whole block of entries right together so I click and enter as fast as I can through the list. I don’t want to necessarily get entries 1-50 because I don’t see to many randomizers picking those numbers in big giveaways, the smaller ones the numbers don’t mean much.

  128. Laurie Emerson

    I enter as much as I can and never give up trying.

  129. Ashley Fryer

    I try to enter all of the low entry giveaways!

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