Bodycology Gift Set Giveaway (Two Winners)

Bodycology lotion gift set

It’s time for another giveaway for Simply Contests readers! Today, weÒ€ℒre giving away two Bodycology Body Cream Gift Sets with 6 different Bodycology body creams (list price $24.99).

Bodycology Body Cream Gift Set

The gift set features 6 different body creams:

  • Bodycology exotic cherry blossom
  • Bodycology fresh cucumber melon
  • Bodycology enchanted forest
  • Bodycology toasted vanilla sugar
  • Bodycology blackberry vanilla
  • Bodycology sugar plum

Buy It!

The Bodycology Body Cream Gift Set currently sells for over 25% off on Amazon.

Gift It!

The Bodycology gift set is perfect for holiday gifts this season. Is anyone thinking it could be a great teacher gift? Or a Secret Santa gift? I’d love to find one of these gift sets under the tree this year!

Win It!
Two lucky Simply Contests reader will win a Bodycology Lotion Gift Set.

Giveaway ends: December 4, 2013 at 11:59 pm CST.


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305 Responses to Bodycology Gift Set Giveaway (Two Winners)

  1. Dana Rodriguez

    I am hoping for a new pair of boots

  2. Ann Barham

    I want a new quilt for our bed.

  3. john hutchens

    I would like to have an ipad for Christmas

  4. I want a new couch/loveseat combo.

  5. Cheryl Abdelnour

    I want a new vacuum and some dresses.

  6. Tamara

    I am hoping to get a Kindle Fire for Christmas this year.

  7. Kathy Lausche

    I want to load up my freezer!

  8. Darlene Owen

    i would love to get a new laptop.

  9. TrippyCusp93

    A pair of cute winter boots are on my holiday wishlist this year!

  10. Janina

    A new laptop!

  11. Sarah

    I’m wishing for a scanner for my computer. πŸ™‚

  12. Jessica

    I really want cash instead of gifts. I know that sounds funny but I prefer that over a gift that I might never use.

  13. Jennifer

    I’m hoping for a tablet!

  14. Athena S

    I want an android tablet for Christmas

  15. Kassie Jo Lauhoff

    I would love a tablet

  16. Amy Orvin

    I want a flat screen TV this year.

  17. Diane L.

    I need a new address book. My old one is a mess!

  18. Wendy R.

    Oh I would LOVE to get a Silhouette Cameo!

  19. marian boll

    An iPad for my son

  20. Darlene Carbajal

    I would love a new fridge. πŸ™‚

  21. jamie Martin

    i want a new Google Nexus!

  22. Tracy Robertson

    I would love to receive a new purse. Mine was a quality purse when I bought it a couple of years ago, but it has taken a beating since!

  23. Jeanne

    I would love to get an ipad for Christmas.

  24. Robin Wilson

    I would love to receive a new robe and matching slippers

  25. Virginia Rowell

    A new house is on my wishlist but I don’t think I’ll get it. But I will settle for a new pair of shoes!

  26. Kaci Guisinger Harrison

    I want an English bulldog puppy for Christmas. =) They are just soooo cute!!

  27. Jordan

    I’m already getting what I want for Christmas this year, seeing my boyfriend who lives almost 2000 miles away, but if I had to ask for something to unwrap it would be books and make-up.

  28. Anita Yancey

    I want a laptop computer for Christmas.

  29. stephanie

    i want gift cards

  30. chris hoey

    I want gift cards

  31. Cathy French

    My wishlist this year is just gift cards, they are the best gift

  32. Nikki Strong

    The best gift I could ask for would be getting started on the building process of our new house.

  33. Karen Propes

    New recliner for our living room.
    Thanks for the chance.

  34. I would like a XL Plush Bean Bag Chair.

  35. heather

    The only gift I’d wish for is my family being healthy and happy.

  36. heather eg kaufman

    I would love to get a telescope for my son.

  37. Brianne Allen

    I really want a dressmakers dummy.

  38. Natasha Martins

    Im just wishing to spend a nice first christmas with my husband to be!

  39. Would love to get a Kindle Fire HDX πŸ™‚

  40. Dawn Monroe

    At the top of my list is two memory foam pillows.

  41. darby

    a new pair of uggs!

  42. Aimee T

    A dull moment.

  43. Mer

    I’m love to have a stand mixer.

  44. Sharon Kaminski

    I would love to a new tablet.

  45. A DSLR camera. πŸ˜‰ Hopefully Santa thinks I have been VERY good!

  46. Cristi

    I would love my sister’s family to come down for Christmas. I have not seen them in awhile and it seems like something is missing during the holidays without them here.

  47. Brandy

    A two wheeled wheelbarrow. I work outside a lot during the spring and summer and would love one to make work outside a bit easier!

  48. Wendy Hark

    I would love to get a new laptop.

  49. Georgette

    I would like to get a new Keurig…my mini-one is just about shot. I would also like to get a Sodastream

  50. Daily Woman (Lacey)

    Coffee Maker maybe a Keurig.

  51. Amanda Kinder

    I’d love a new camera!

  52. Melanie Montgomery

    A smart phone, I don’t have one

  53. Sharon

    doubt i’ll get it, but i would love a stand mixer!

  54. Jane Squires

    Only thing on my wish list is a certain DVD. I prefer to give.

  55. gen

    a new thin throw and a nice puzzle for rainy day inside


    I’m hoping to get an I pad. πŸ™‚

  57. Mary Diehl

    On my wish list is an 18 quart roaster and new carpet for my kitchen. thank you for the giveaways. I love them.

  58. Paol Trenny

    I would like for my hubby and I wishes to come true this Christmas, an Apple computer, and Spring tuition pays for

  59. chris z

    i would like an ipad

  60. Tayden S.

    I would like some bookcases for the holiday.

  61. Kate F.

    I’d like some new boots.

  62. Meaghan

    Perfume and notebooks

  63. Natalie

    I am hoping for a new vacuum!

  64. Lotion, socks and a foot massage.

  65. Kristine P

    bed frame and laptop

  66. beth shepherd

    a new bedroom suite

  67. ange y

    i would love a new tv

  68. aby459

    a new computer

  69. Sherri J

    Kindle Fire

  70. Helga

    I would like a new mower.

  71. Cathy Truman

    I would love a Keurig coffee maker or a Coach purse.

  72. Annemarie Z.

    I would love to get Philosophy’s Amazing Grace Eau De Parfum!

  73. Angela Hendricks

    I would like to have some new shoes for Christmas.

  74. Katie Bellamy

    A Keurig is on my Christmas list this year!

  75. Amanda

    I need accessories because I’m going back to work: scarves, skinny belts, necklaces.

  76. I really really really want a Kindle Paperwhite!!

  77. raquel perez

    I would love to win this!! great smells from a great brand!

  78. Yesenia

    A new laptop.

  79. Vicki Hall

    I love getting GCs so I can pick out my own gifts.

  80. Julie W

    I really need some new dishcloths, I would also like GC’s to Kohl’s or Amazon & K-cups for my Keurig. Cash is always good too πŸ˜‰


    an iPad is on my wishlist

  82. Debra Guillen

    an iPad is on my Holiday wishlist

  83. tricia

    I would like some cute boots!

  84. Trenda T

    Would love a new laptop!

  85. paulette schneider

    I want an actifry!!

  86. marie

    my gift would be lots of hello kitty stuff haha =^.^=

  87. Angela W

    I would like a personalized family necklace.

  88. Cynthia C

    I would like an iPad air.

  89. liszadean

    On my Christmas wish list this year is that my children and family is happy, healthy and safe. That each one of them feels loved and are happy.

  90. nickie

    I’d like a new laptop

  91. Jenna

    I’d love a Canon Rebel

  92. dawn k

    I would like to have a kitchen aid.

  93. Sara E

    I want an Escada mini perfume set.

  94. angie

    I would like a Keurig.

  95. Sherilyn Mesa

    A digital camera

  96. Renee Saunders

    I would love not to be stressed out over Christmas gifts… Lol

  97. stephland3

    A new apron:) Exciting i know!

  98. Diana

    I’m looking forward to a set of cross country skis πŸ™‚

  99. Wade

    a winter coat

  100. Angie Bailey

    I’d like to have a food dehydrator for Christmas and a new coat.

  101. Alaina

    Cash to go on a shopping spree.

  102. Clara H

    A Cuisinart immersion blender

  103. Nancy

    New shoes and kitchen gadgets

  104. Kristen

    I need some new clothes. Lost alot of weight and need nice clothes for work.

  105. Michael Zoril

    This would be a great gift for my loving wife!

  106. Helen

    kitchen utility cart

  107. Tina Renee Barker

    I’d love a new handbag!

  108. I so want a new purse!

  109. Carolyn Colley

    I would love to find a Coach Purse under the tree this year.

  110. Ashley T.

    I would like a tablet, or kindle ….or a ring from my sweetie πŸ˜‰

  111. Alecia H

    a bath robe that fits

  112. Jennessa Voss

    I don’t know what I want, actually I do but it can’t be wrapped and doesn’t fit under a tree :/…

  113. Lisa Graham

    I really want new gloves and a matching knit scarf. Simple, so hopefully I’ll get it.

  114. Cathy Shaw

    I’m hoping for an iPad Mini!

  115. Pam Gurganus

    On my wish list this holiday season that I hope to receive as a gift is a food processor!

  116. LaQuita

    I want a big flat screen smart tv, around 50 inches.

  117. Barrie

    I would like a Kindle Fire HD!

  118. carla bonesteel

    I am in need of a really good radar/laser detector, to save me some money in tickets!! I drive A LOT.

  119. Sally

    I want a flat-screen television!

  120. I really want the pasta attachment for my KitchenAide mixer.

  121. Kristie F

    I would love new baking sheets!

  122. Denise L

    I’d love a pressure cooker.

  123. Karen F

    I want a new laptop, mine is so old and slow.

  124. Sherilyn

    I would like a kindle.

  125. ech

    Seriously considering a new monitor like the ASUS PB278Q 27-Inch.

  126. Mrs. R.

    I asked My Wonderful Husband directly for this: The new Damaris Carbaugh CD (Christian–FABULOUS, gifted singer!).

    Thank you for entering us—I really, REALLY like Bodycology. πŸ™‚

  127. ashley

    tickets to an adele concert and a trip to europe

  128. Noel

    I want some new kitchen gadget – sandwich maker, pressure cooker, etc.

  129. Diane L.

    The only thing I need for Christmas is a new address book. My old one is a mess!

  130. Connie

    My wedding ring needs to be repaired.

  131. tina reynolds

    A new laptop

  132. Amanda

    a weekend trip away with my hubby.

  133. I’d love an ereader

  134. Danielle

    I want a nice quiet trip to relax after the holidays

  135. Cassandra D.

    An iPhone 5s.

  136. Tammy S

    I am hoping to get a KitchenAid Mixer.

  137. joanna

    I would love a new bed set

  138. kelly mcgrew

    down pillows!

  139. meg1t

    i’d love a new wallet!

  140. Elle M.

    I really want a ipad/tablet of some sort!

  141. Carmen S

    I want a Keurig for Christmas!

  142. Theresa

    I would just like money, it would help pay off some of our bills!

  143. Alice

    A new bed set!

  144. Mary Clayton

    I would like money, gift cards, groceries – pretty much any items that enable me to spend less throughout the year.

  145. Melissa Bohannon

    I’m hoping for gift cards.

  146. Courtney Renee

    I would like a new mattress!

  147. Alaina Joe

    One item on my holiday wish list is a new entertainment system for our TV. Thinking I’ll start looking around Black Friday πŸ™‚

  148. Vikki Billings

    I would love to have a Blu-ray player!

  149. Kelli Anderson

    An area rug for my living room would be amazing!

  150. Brandi Price

    I would love a Kindle Fire HDX for Christmas!

  151. Courtney M

    I am hoping for a sweater. It’s cold where I live!

  152. Patricia Dugan

    I really would love a Kindle Fire HD and a set of flannel PJs. πŸ˜€

  153. ellen c.

    I’d like a new set of pots and pans. Thanks for the chance.

  154. Stephanie Baum

    I would LOVE a kindle Fire for Christmas this year!

  155. M.Clark

    I’d love a new laptop

  156. I want a new laptop – probably won’t happen but it is on my wish list

  157. i want a new kerug brewing coffie machine

  158. Amanda Leach

    Hoping for some Uggs!

  159. Jan P.

    I want a gift card to Walmart. A major move is planned for next year, and new stuff, including food, will be needed.

  160. Beckie G.

    Would love to be able to get a new laptop! Or, a new,good, set of pots and pans.

  161. Courtnie

    I want a macbook!

  162. Bev

    I would love to win the gift set.

  163. Victoria Carlson

    A Microsoft Surface is on my wishlist!

  164. Marta Redding

    I love Bodycology! The scents are amazing! My 3 granddaughetrs’ that I am raising also love Bodycology! Thanks

  165. There’s not really anything big that I want this year. I’m content. A shirt, a book, a couple other small things.

  166. Georgia Beckman

    We are in the process of redoing our home library so I’m hoping for a chaise lounge. That’s the biggest thing I’ve ever put on my list. (other than a piano when I was a child)

  167. June Minard

    I really want a new tattoo lol.

  168. Great contest. Count me in. Good luck everyone..

  169. debra b

    I would love to get a pair of boots for the winter,

    Thanks for the great giveaway

  170. Debbie K

    I wish for Peace on Earth.

  171. Jessica Fortner

    A juicer is at the top of my wishlist this yr.

  172. virgomomwriter

    I would love an exercise bike.

  173. Naomi

    Hoping for new pots and pans!

  174. Billie Wilson

    I need new pots and pans.

  175. Kelly

    I want a new handbag.

  176. MARTHA

    Wishing for a vacation….. ALASKA,,,,,,,,,TY

  177. Andrina G

    I am hoping for a sewing machine.

  178. Paula Ball

    The best gift I could get would be day with all my children and grand children.
    I would some Revolution for all my rescued dogs.

  179. laura

    I wish for the same thing every year – more QT with my hubby and son!

  180. Ashley H

    I’d like a kitchen aid mixer.

  181. Beth R

    a new house πŸ™‚

  182. Miki

    I’m wishing for an engagement ring!

  183. Alexis

    My wishlist is for my family to be healthy and celebrate the real Reason for the Season!

  184. Roy F.

    I would like a new refrigerator.

  185. Katie

    A new camera lense.

  186. Stephen

    The Millennium Falcon Lego!

  187. rochelle haynes

    A new computer

  188. Linda S.

    A new dishwasher.

  189. Lauren Bear

    A sewing machine!

  190. Julia Cosgrove

    I think I would like a nice pair of cozy boot shoes.

  191. Kate O'Brien

    I want more cloth diapers for my daughter, a new computer for my husband and a nice pair of slippers for myself.

  192. Veronica T

    I would like to win something for this holiday. πŸ™‚

  193. Pauline Milner

    I am going to ask my Husband for pillar and jar candles and new sheets for our bed. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  194. Wilma P

    I would like a pair of Memory Foam Slippers and a new robe

  195. Diane Mania

    I hope I get a new winter coat

  196. jeanette sheets

    in=m wishing for a new tv

  197. Peggy D

    For Christmas this year I’m wishing for a kindle fire, hopefully Santa hears my plea


  198. cheryl lister

    I’m hoping for a new comforter for our bed.

  199. Carly D.

    I love getting gift cards! My husband and I come up with a list of things we need and we buy those things for ourselves using our gift cards.

  200. Beth R

    I want a new coffee maker.

  201. Marsha C

    A chest freezer. Oh, and nail polish from Cirque.

  202. My wish list item is the Red Carpet Manicure Pro gel polish kit. I enjoy the little things and would love to have a way to pamper myself at home.

  203. Ariana Tarr

    I’m hoping to get an Ipad this christmas!! πŸ™‚

  204. I want new carpeting for my living room.

  205. Adrianne B

    I hope to receive a pair of quad roller skates.

  206. Mary Beth Elderton

    I’m wishing for an XBox.

  207. Heidie Racine

    My wishlist has a ski lodge weekend getaway and a full set of rock and ice-climbing gear on it!

  208. Gianna

    A Mac πŸ™‚

  209. Tara

    My wishlist is full of very practical not fun things. I am hoping most for a soup ladle.

  210. I really want a Wacom Tablet πŸ™‚

  211. sherry butcher

    Free Air Fair so I can visit family in Iowa while I live in NM.

  212. Rosanne

    You can’t buy it-health for my children and grandchildren.

  213. Katherine H

    I hope to get a bottle of Red Door!

  214. Andrea

    a ring. mine doesn’t fit anymore.

  215. Caroline

    I want a paper cutter to make my couponing easier! πŸ™‚

  216. Caroline

    I want a paper cutter to make couponing easier.

  217. rose paden

    I am not really wishing anything for myself this year but I would like to get a xbox1 for my hubby this year!

  218. Jessica B

    I just want my whole family together for the holidays, firewood in the fireplace, Miracle on 34th Street on the TV, some spiked egg nog, and some comfy socks. If that happens all will be well in my world.

  219. David Smith

    I don’t really need or want anything for Christmas, but I think a new pair of fur/fuzzy lined slippers would keep my feet warm.

  220. Brandi Dawn

    I would really like my daughter to have a new MP3 player. So, that is whats on my wish list! lol

  221. To be honest i dont really hope for anything for myself. I really just want my kids to be happy.

  222. Nicole Jenkins

    i would really like some nice yarn to make myself a comfy throw πŸ™‚

  223. Ashley B

    I am hoping to get a new can opener, the one we have now is worn out.

  224. Katherine

    I would love some ugg boots.

  225. Hailey B.

    iphone 5s

  226. Susan Christy

    I’m hoping for a new laptop.

  227. Christine

    I’d like a Kindle Fire!

  228. Kathleen S.

    A Kindle Fire is on my wishlist this year.

  229. I would love art supplies. πŸ™‚

  230. Pearl

    I would want a Samsung Galaxy phone. Thanks!

  231. Ghassan Alsaleh

    my wishlist this holiday season ipad mini

  232. Jeane c

    I would really like an iPad.. I’m the only one in the family without one. How’s that?

  233. cris

    I want new PJs

  234. Patricia Creasy

    I am hoping to get enough money to keep my lights on. We have little ones that need them. Thanks for the entry!

  235. Debra F

    I’d love a gift card for a grocery store!

  236. Im hoping for a pretty ring, nothing too fancy though, and some alex and ani braclets

  237. alena svetelska

    I want kindle fire for christmas

  238. I am hoping for fun and exotic yarn

  239. Nancy

    I would like a tablet this year.

  240. Sunshine Ybarra

    I want a new wardrobe! I need new clothes:(

  241. judi

    a new laptop

  242. Jan P.

    I want a gift card from either Walmart or Target. I’m making a major move early next year and will want to replace some household basics.

  243. Crystal Renee

    I hope to get a pretty piece of jewelry this holiday!

  244. If I could pick anything in the world, I’d pick the health of every child. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  245. clynsg

    I would really like a new car, but that is probably pretty unlikely!

  246. Lesley F

    I would love an iPod

  247. Crystal H

    I wish that I would get the magic bullet

  248. Amanda Moutos

    I would love anything that will help me prepare for a bakery I would like to open in a few years.

  249. Lisa Garner

    I would love to have a new set of pots and pans for Christmas.

  250. Claire Rheinheimer

    I really, really want an iPhone 5S!

  251. Rebecca Peters

    I really want a new digital camera

  252. Jaclynn

    I would love to get seat covers for my car!

  253. ashley

    i would love a spin art machine like when we were little and they were really great quality. those made some great art.

  254. Heather B

    I am really hoping for a new slow cooker this year

  255. Michaela R.

    I’m hoping for some of my favorite perfumes

  256. Carmen Peterson

    I am hoping for a spa gift certificate!

  257. Kelly Kimmell

    I want a new laptop!

  258. jules m.

    im hoping for candles and bath products

  259. Jennifer Nixon

    I’d really like some slippers.

  260. Tanya White

    I want a ipad mini this year.

  261. Carla S

    I want a spin bike or one of those cast iron dutch ovens :).

  262. melikegarfield

    I want a Kindle Fire this Christmas.

  263. Brittney House

    I would love to a tablet.

  264. Karen Matlock

    I really wanted a Kindlefire for the last couple years so this year I bought it for myself in October πŸ™‚

  265. wendy b

    I would love to get an Alienware gaming laptop.

  266. Julie Lee

    I’d love to get one of those beauty subscription boxes.

  267. Jennifer Reed

    A gift I hope to receive this holiday season is a new vacuum.

  268. Karrie Millheim

    A new grill is our on wishlist this year. Maybe a weber one


    I want a playstation 4.

  270. Mya Murphy

    A legal divorce.

  271. I would love a new pair of boots and some new clothes. Being a SAHM seems like I am the last to get clothes but the one who needs them most!

  272. Beth Klocinski

    I want a set of 360 spinner wheeled luggage.

  273. Patrice

    A good quality set of cookware is on my list.

  274. Cassandra French


  275. Rachel

    I am hoping for a wonderful time with my family.

  276. Paul K

    I would like a new computer for Christmas.

  277. Kathryn Mcneal

    I collect monster high dolls and I’d like some new ones. (yes, I’m an adult and I collect dolls)

  278. Teresa Thompson

    I would love to have a new ipad.

  279. Dorothy Deakyne

    need a new pair of slippers

  280. susan smoaks

    i really want to get an ipad this year for Christmas!

  281. kris m

    would love a new washer!

  282. D. Paul

    Once item on my wishlist is a gift certificate to a little restaurant we have here in town. I’d use it for a romantic dinner with my husband.

  283. Irene C.

    I would love some new clothes – sweaters/pants/etc…

  284. Misha Estrada

    I really need a new car for Christmas.

  285. Jo Ann F

    I want gift cards to buy new clothes
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  286. laurie

    I want a steam mop and a dishwasher

  287. Melissa Nagy

    I want some storage containers. 2014 is going to be my organization year!

  288. dawn sweeps

    I really want a new stove.

  289. Dusty Schnur

    I haven’t asked Santa for anything this year, I got all I could ask for. My 3rd son was born 10/20/13 and is very happy and healthy. As long as my kids are taken care of, I don’t need anything.

  290. Stephanie MacDonald

    Hoping for an acoustic guitar πŸ˜€

  291. angie p

    I would like a family vacation for Christmas.

  292. Alex Roach

    A new pair of shoes!

  293. A realistic gift would be a laptop I could use for my college classes. An unrealistic gift would be a 1960’s muscle car.

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