4 Piece Butterfly Tumbler Set Giveaway

butterfly tumbler set

It’s time for a Simply Contests giveaway! Today, we’re giving away a Jumping Beans 4 Piece Butterfly Tumbler Set (list price $29.99).

Jumping Beans 4 Piece Butterfly Tumbler Set

My daughter loves to set the table, and she always makes sure she places the butterfly cup in front of her seat. Then she puts the striped cups in front of her brothers’ seats. I’m starting to think the only reason she likes to set the table is to make sure she gets a butterfly cup!

The tumblers are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

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Jumping Beans 4 Piece Butterfly Tumbler Set currently sells for 60% off on Amazon.

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One lucky Simply Contests reader will win a Jumping Beans 4 Piece Butterfly Tumbler Set.

Giveaway ends: November 13, 2013 at 11:59 pm CST.


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150 Responses to 4 Piece Butterfly Tumbler Set Giveaway

  1. tess

    this would be for the girls to drink out of at the dinner table or the picnic table outside- they would love them
    tcogbill at live dot com

  2. Deanna Brown

    This is adorable for our many picnics!

  3. Julie

    they would keep our table fresh looking during the long winter months !!

  4. Carla S

    I have plates and bowls with smiling anumals that I could match with these at dinnertime for kids.

  5. Samantha L.

    This would be great for my nieces who are learning about chores and setting the table.

  6. Claire Rheinheimer

    I already have my 2 year old son take things out to the table- silverware, ketchup, mustard, anything that won’t break. He could take these out too!

  7. Oh, my girls would love these. All three help set the table, even the 1 1/2 year old.

  8. cheryl lister

    Grand daughter Alexa would enjoy setting her table and deciding who in the family gets which glass.

  9. Jenna

    These would be perfect- the girls would have fun choosing which cup they get to use

  10. This would be great for my children small hands to use during meal time.

  11. liza

    we have animal plates and bowls

  12. manekeniko

    I have plastic trays that match this and they would look just right.

  13. Rachel

    I like to use candles for meal time with the family. It creates a cozy environment and helps us feel less rushed during dinner.

  14. Carly Dumac

    My daughter always puts out the cups and napkins, and would love using these adorable tumblers!

  15. pam clouse

    my daughter could help set the table with these tumblers since I wouldn’t have to worry about her breaking them.

  16. Theresa

    We have the kids set the table and this would make it more fun for them!

  17. Kiera M.

    awesome way for my nieces to remember which cup is theirs.

  18. Lisa Garrett

    I don’t have any rituals but could start on for the grandchildren with these glasses.

  19. Terri Herman

    We have a special “Happy Birthday” plate that the birthday person gets for dessert. I could use one of these cups to go along with it!

  20. John

    Rirual: I set table, my wife rearranges everything.

  21. Sharon Kaminski

    These would go well with our bbq dishes we use on the patio, the kids would love them.

  22. Dawn k.

    We incorporate counting with my autistic grandson at the table.

  23. KJ Skib

    My oldest daughter loves to set the table. We end up with 2 knives and a random toy usually but she tries.

  24. melina r

    These tumblers would be great for my kids. We dont set the table we just get the utensils we need to eat with.

  25. Melissa L.

    I don’t have any interesting table setting rituals, but would love these cups for my toddler.

  26. Patricia Creasy

    We usually don’t have a ritual I just fill plates and set them in front of the kids.

  27. Dawn Monroe

    We try to use alot of colors for cookouts and holidays. These would fir right in at Easter and family dinners.

  28. tara darity

    I love these! they would be perfect for us!

  29. Melanie Montgomery

    I’d feel more comfortable with the kids putting these on the table than glassees

  30. steve stone

    we have sun plates that would work well with these. they are also plastic for less breakage.

  31. Robert

    Our daughter has to set the table for us, so she would have some glasses to look forward to setting as opposed to the boring ones we have now.

  32. Darlene Carbajal

    This will be great for my cousins 🙂

  33. Katie Bellamy

    My girls will feel special to have their own cups and hopefully help with setting the table more often! 😉

  34. Janina

    These are to cute!

  35. Stephen

    I have a 5 year old. Anything goes!

  36. Tamar

    We could do a cute little l’chaim 😉 (to life!)

  37. My 6-yr old LIKES to set the table and would love the tumblers to be a part of his helping routine.

  38. danielle johnson

    I try to have both of my boys help with dinner setting to try and instill not only women can do these kinds of chores and they so love to help and see what’s for dinner as it is getting served.

  39. Natalie yeoman

    I have a butterfly plate that matches these

  40. Nikki Strong

    Each of our kids have a task, setting silverware, fixing everyone’s drinks, and placing napkins for each other.

  41. Amanda

    On Sundays we have a picnic in front of the tv to watch football. Non- breakable, sturdy tumblers would be great for our picnic.

  42. My kids usually set the table. So adding these would be fun for them.

  43. alena svetelska

    this would perfect for my daughter who love to helping in setting the table up,she is 5 y old

  44. April Yedinak

    We don’t have any interesting table setting rituals. It is pretty standard. Everyone gets a placemat and napkin and drink and then I serve from the stove. But, my kids would love to have these cute tumblers.

  45. 1955nurse

    I have seasonal plates for my grandkids (Animals, Insects etc.) & these would be a great addition – the fact that they are unbreaakeable is a HUGE plus!!!! Thanks for the chance….

  46. Christine Waddell

    My granddaughters would love setting the table with these cute glasses.

  47. chris hoey

    i have special roller knives.

  48. Stephanie P.

    They are so cute even my 13 yr old daughter would love them!

  49. Jamie Champagne

    We all help set the table – everyone has a job – so I know my soon to be three year old would LOVE setting up a butterfly cup for everyone – even her 8 year old brother…lol. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  50. shelleyb

    I have recently encouraged my kids to help set the table. One child really likes filling the water glasses. This adorable set of plastic glasses would be a lovely accent to our table and durable for young helpers.

  51. jeannie

    My daughter would love to set the table with these pretty cups it would be interesting to see which one she would pick for herself

  52. angel d

    i would love these cups and they would be mine only since its all boys here (minus me)

  53. Mary Diehl

    We usually don’t set the table, but the kids would each get one and that would always be their glass. thank you

  54. Kathy Lausche

    When my grandaughter comes over she always wants to eat in the dining room by candle light. She likes to set the table. She can add these cute cups to her place settings!

  55. RebeccaW

    These would be cute for the girls at the table!

  56. April G.

    These would be perfect for the girls when they go visit their grandma.

  57. Rosanne

    I color coordinate the grandchildren’s place settings

  58. Terry

    We don’t have any interesting table setting rituals. However, if I won this cute set, I would be like your daughter…..and want to drink out of the butterfly cup.

  59. Kristie F

    We have one rule if doesn’t have to match. This would go perfect with the spiderman and monkey plates, and the blue utensils 🙂

  60. julie matek

    my daughter loves to set the table. She also likes to play school and I’m sure she’d love to give these to her “students”:)

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  61. Shanna

    Nothing too interesting =)
    My girls would love these though !!! Beautiful !

  62. I would love to win this!

  63. Susan Chester

    I use a pink glass pitcher for ice water most nights. It would look pretty on the table with these glasses.

  64. Tamara

    We are really relaxed about setting the table for dinner. My 7 year old puts out the silverware, my 13 year old pours everyone drinks and I dish out the food. I would love to have our drinks in these cute tumblers

  65. Kaci Guisinger Harrison

    Were pretty plain, I have my daughters set the plates and get drinks and my son puts out the silverwear and napkins. I’m starting to be just like my gran with having a nice tablecloth down before we eat, she’s 76 and she still comes over for dinner every Sunday and tells me how proud she is of me listening to her after all these years about having a nice display on the table lol. God I love her. =)

  66. JENI

    These are adorable! I absolutely love how my kids could enjoy them without worrying about them breaking like glass cups! 🙂

  67. Julie W

    My girls are in charge of setting the table, they would love these tumblers 🙂

  68. Megan Parsons

    My daughter loves helping in the kitchen, so she usually takes it upon herself to set the table.

  69. rudybull@hotmail.com

    We drink a lot of ice tea instead of soda, I sit the picture in the center of the table after everyone is seated Dad fills the glasses. this is just something we have always done. The bright colors would be great for everyone.

  70. Katie Bellamy

    No crazy rituals. But my daughter would love these! 🙂

  71. wendy b

    Hmmm….I’m thinking that this would fit in with the ritual of theme lunches with maybe nature of a story.

  72. Tiya


  73. Tammy Baranoff

    I have two young children, so we usually make a placemat. Sometimes it is a plain piece of paper that they decorate, a coloring book page, or sticker page. It gives me some time to finish working with hot food While they are finishing up.

    My son also is in the butterfly class at school, so he has a thing for butterflies this year. He would love to drink out of these.

  74. Lacey j

    My kids are still small and learning how to set the table, so this would be a wonderful non breakable way to teach them!

  75. Ann Barham

    If I won this set, this would be the go to cups for my niece when she comes over.

  76. Jessica

    they’re adorable

  77. Shannon F

    My daughter helps set the table and I bet she would love to have a butterfly cup to set by her plate!

  78. amy f

    we love any animals

  79. Billie Wilson

    My daughter would love these. I know she would love to have a party when her cousins come over.

  80. Amy Orvin

    I actually always eat in the den while watching TV, but my mom would love these cute little cups. She’s nuts about collecting cups, plates and any kitchen utensils.

  81. Diana

    None of my dishes matches, so it will fit right in.

  82. Rebecca Dula

    Anytime our family eats at the table we use our china plates not the plastic divided plates. Makes it feel a little fancier.

  83. jamie Martin

    my daughter loves to help get out dinner things, so she would love to set the table with these!

  84. Karen Propes

    My Granddaughter always helps set the table. She comes up with silly little things she sets at each plate for a treat after eating. She stays so neat, and always makes sure everything is perfect. She would love this tumbler set. They will brighten her day and the table. She will now have tumbers to offer her friends drinks when they come over also.
    Thanks for the chance,

  85. Hailey

    My niece will love these!

  86. Camilla L

    The kids help setting the tables for the family meals, so I would feel way more comfortable letting the kids set the plastic tumblers instead of glasses. And I know they would love to choose who gets which tumbler!! It’d be a lot of fun!

  87. Lesley M

    My nieces would love to use these to set their table!

  88. In our house children use plastic cups until you enter kindergarten. Then you are big enough to use glass glasses. Our older children felt big and proud when they graduated to grownup glasses.

  89. Sherri J

    We have used animal plates and bowls

  90. Angela Hendricks

    My four year old and I set the table together and if I were to win these cups, these would be his personal cups for him to set at the dinner table.

  91. sabrina martin

    I have four kids one for each of em!

  92. sabrina martin

    the kids love colors and really love drinking out of cups and growing up to be big kids

  93. tricia

    Perfect for my girls on a picnic!

  94. Wendy R.

    We don’t have any specific table setting routines. Maybe that I teach my kids the way to do a proper place setting.

  95. Renee Saunders

    Since the kids are not ready for anything glass yet, these will match all our plastic plates. Very colorful all year round!

  96. Mami2jcn

    My kids set the table so my daughter would enjoy these.

  97. Nancy

    I can see using these on a nice summer day for a deck BBQ, filled with fresh squeezed lemonade.

  98. Helen

    my nephew likes to help but he is too short and has to use a step ladder to get things out of the cabinet. It is a plus that these are not breakable.

  99. Carolyn Colley

    I don’t really have any, sad to say but now that the kids are grown, we don’t hardly know what a table is.

  100. Ashley T.

    I am lucky if I get to actually eat any of the meal with the family, by the time I set the table with everyone they usually have scarfed their entire plates contents. I feel the love , haha.

  101. My table setting tip will be to let each child pick their own tumbler and pray they don’t all want the same one. Which they will!

  102. Lisa Graham

    My kids always argue over who gets the purple cup. I’ve resisted buying a second purple cup hoping they could work it out. These cups would be perfect because they would love all of them. Also my kids typically ask for milk and water with dinner and they like their cups to match! I know, picky kids, these would be so fun to surprise them with one day.

  103. julia cosgrove

    These would go with the kids butterfly plates.

  104. Siobhan

    We don’t really have any special settings, we just enjoy when we can all sit around the table together.

  105. Karen F

    We don’t have anything special we do, we just always try to eat as a family.

  106. Mrs. R.

    These are DARLING! And we’ll take any help we can get with “inspiring” our precious wee ones to set the table. 🙂

  107. Debi

    The tumblers would be great to have on a nice day went eating lunch outside.

  108. Diane L.

    When winter gets long and droll, I sometimes set a very pretty table to cheer myself up. These tumblers would add a happy touch!

  109. Chantel Brankshire

    We use s;ecial dishes on weekends

  110. Hayley Yearian

    My kids love to help set the table! Youngest does silverware. The older ones do the plates, cups, napkins, etc. They often argue over who gets which cup! Thanks for the opportunity!

  111. Michelle L

    I like the to plate my food in fun designs. Like my kung fu ham sandwiches

  112. Alice

    IF I won these, It would be reason enough to force my manly fiancé to drink out of a very girly cup instead of his blue tumblers at the dinner table

  113. Melissa Bohannon

    I’d love to give these to my sis-in-law. Our table settings are super casual. We focus on family.

  114. Angela

    I usually make Fun Monday lunches for my kids where there is a theme. These glasses could fit in with a spring, butterfly, bug, flower, etc. theme 🙂

  115. Sara Floyd

    We don’t have any rituals yet, but I’m sure we will when my daughter is older

  116. Patricia Dugan

    I would probably use one of our silk arrangements of wildflowers and place some of our butterfly jewelry pieces around. Then I’d invite my nieces (both 10 – cousins) and have fairycakes and pink lemonade. Just a real girly party.

  117. Use while we sit together each night for supper!

  118. M.Clark

    Everyone has their own particular drinking glasses/cups that they tend to use.

  119. Since the cups are different colors we could each claim one and that would be our spot at the table.

  120. Bev

    The children would love these.

  121. We don’t have any table setting rituals, sorry! We usually dish up plates in the kitchen and Cary them to the table filled.

  122. aimee mcpherson

    My niece loves to help set out the table and I know that she would LOVE these@

  123. We dont have any ritals, I do make the kids eat their food before drinking it helps them fill up on food!

  124. Heather B

    We don’t have any table setting rituals, we are moving my youngest to the table now though!

  125. Jill Myrick

    My children set the table every night while I am getting dinner ready to be put on the table. They would all get excited to see that there were new cups for them to place in their spots on the table.


  126. Naomi

    Let my niece set the table with her special cups!

  127. Ben G

    Our ritual is letting them each have their their “favorite” cups at their seat. These would be perfect!

  128. Heather K

    My youngest two children like to help set the table. They would enjoy using these tumblers.

  129. Rebecca Peters

    We have lots of colorful place settings.. these are fun!

  130. Darlene Owen

    When my 3 grandchildren eat at our house they have their own special plates this would be great for them to have their own glasses.

  131. These butterfly tumblers are great for imaginative play such as a tea party for girls.

  132. Michelle D

    Setting the table is my six year old son’s “job” and he loves doing it. I think he’d love using these tumblers to help set the table!

  133. Diane Mania

    A 3 year old grandson, and glass is not what I need for him. These would be great

  134. karen matlock

    We do a lot of mix and match with brightly colored dishes. These would be a great addition!

  135. Laurie Emerson

    I have a lot of butterflies in my kitchen decor from wallpaper to curtains. I also have a beautiful blue and yellow butterfly tablecloth with dishes to match. These would be perfect to make the setting complete.

  136. Brittney House

    This would be awesome for our picnics!

  137. Terry Cross

    No special rituals but my granddaughter would love these

  138. Shari Klyn

    Our only ritual is my husband starts passing the food to his right. Why? I have no idea.

  139. rose paden

    I don’t really have any rituals really but these would be great for my cousin for Christmas!

  140. Jo Ann F

    The kids would love to drink milk from the cups!
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  141. my2below@aol.com

    I love to set the table in bright colors in the spring and summer.

  142. meme

    my 7 year old loves to set the table and make it look fancy as she calls it. She would love putting these new fancy butterfly cups at the table.

  143. susan smoaks

    i would love to use this with our girls get togethers!

  144. Paula Tavernie

    I have plates with flowers on them that would go good with these!

  145. Trish

    These would be great for teaching the little ones how to set the table!

  146. Jessica Pouncey

    This butterfly set would be awesome with our family time table setting every evening

  147. liz

    my sis in law would love to get help with my niece with these

  148. Lisa Garner

    My little girl likes to help get the forks and spoons for everymeal but she’s determined to set them on the plates.

  149. Sheree

    We don’t have any rituals, but I do love these tumblers

  150. Melinda

    This would match my bright place mats!

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