Fisher Price Splash Around Dora and Twins Giveaway

fisher price splash around dora and twins

It’s time for another giveaway for Simply Contests readers! Today, we’re giving away a Fisher Price Splash Around Dora and Twins.

Fisher-Price Splash Around Dora & Twins

Dora is ready for bath time with her removable flippers! The bath set includes a Dora, flippers, and the twins in an inner tube.

Buy It!

The Fisher-Price Splash Around Dora and Twins currently sells for $19.99 on Amazon.

Gift It!

We are big Dora fans at our house! My daughter loves Dora and would be excited to see any Dora toys under the tree this holiday season.

Win It!

One lucky Simply Contests reader will win a Fisher Price Splash Around Dora and Twins.

Giveaway ends: January 3, 2014 at 11:59 pm CST.


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125 Responses to Fisher Price Splash Around Dora and Twins Giveaway

  1. Darlene Owen

    I won a $3500 per of diamond earrings, which was my biggest win ever.

  2. Elsie

    A favorite giveaway win was my very first win, for children’s books…it gave me optimism to win more, and it was wonderful to be able to win a surprise for children!

  3. Lesley F

    A signed bass guitar from the band Hellyeah which I gifted to my husband who is a huge fan and plays bass guitar!

  4. Kaci Guisinger Harrison

    I won a $100 Amex GC in 2012 on Halloween. I rarely win, small things here and there and its always so awesome when you do win! Its like Christmas! =) Thank you

  5. Ann Barham

    I won a monogrammed necklace and I love it.

  6. Heather B

    I won a snow blower a few years ago, just after we bought our first house!

  7. I won a dell laptop. Great because my 10 year old desktop quit shortly after my win.

  8. Anita Yancey

    A few years ago I won a fancy coffee maker. It was great and I’m still using it.

  9. christina moore

    My favorite giveaways are for girls, I have 5 little granddaughters, I am always looking for toys for them. My favorite win was dollhouse.

  10. Claire Rheinheimer

    I won a stroller/car seat combo while pregnant for my daughter. We had one from my son but this has a way higher weight limit for the infant seat so we’ll use it a long time!

  11. Debbie Jackson

    I am hoping to some day win a kitchenaid mixer

  12. Kathy Davis

    I won a Silhouette Die Cutter Machine. It is awesome and I have used it many times to make decorations, cards and party favors.

  13. Asher Simon


  14. rebecca shockley

    I won 3 $300 AMEX GC’s 2 year’s ago in one month, made for a sweet holiday

  15. Asher Simon


  16. marian boll

    Just won a beautiful mixer!!!! Just came the day before Thanksgiving !!

  17. Darlene Carbajal

    My biggest win was an iPad & Ipad Mini. I always wanted to win those and I did! 🙂

  18. Georgia Beckman

    My favorite giveaway win was the Hasbro $275 prize pack from Cuckoo for Coupon Deals. It has 7 Hasbro gifts in it & that will really help with Christmas as we have 14 grandchildren.

  19. Sharon Kaminski

    My favorite giveaway was a $100 mastercard.

  20. heather baker

    I like giveaways for kid stuff or gift cards. Our finances have been so tight since the economy went bad, it really helps out :).

  21. tara darity

    favorite win so far was a leap pad that came days before my sons birthday. so thankful!

  22. Janet W.

    My favorite giveaway win so far was a $200 Amazon gift card that I won last year because I was able to use it towards Christmas presents for my grandchildren!

  23. Belinda

    My most favorite win was a zip line! We gave it to the kids for Christmas last year and they LOVE it!

  24. Lauren E.

    My fave win I actually did not receive from the sponsor, I guess they either didnt mail it or it got lost in the mail. It was an origami owl locket. The 2nd win I actually love the most was a signed childrens book on love & seperation called Sun Kisses & Moon Hugs. It is now my daughters fave book

  25. Danalee Davis

    My favorite giveaway win was 420 dollars cash. It came at the perfect time when we were short for rent. Thanks be to God!

  26. KJ Skib

    My favorite win was a local win. It was dinner and Ditka’s restaurant and I got to meet Da Coach!

  27. Deborah Mireles

    My favorite wins are always the things I win for my grandaughter so I would have to say the springfield doll that I won for her

  28. kim burnett

    I love to win toys for my kiddos!

  29. My favorite win was a couple of years ago; I won a LeapPad for my daughter 🙂

  30. molli vandehey

    i won a spring break art camp for my daughter that i would not have been able to afford otherwise. she absolutely loved it!

  31. julie matek

    My favorite win was a chair from IKEA. I love it::)

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  32. Julie Lee

    Never won anything. Dora would be a cool first!

  33. Mandy

    My daughter would love this for the bath tub 🙂

  34. Debora Cook

    I Just won $100 . Lets keep the Good Luck rolling…

  35. I just won a $25 Target gift card. I want to continue winning Yay!

  36. Nikki Strong

    I like giftcards because you can choose what you need to purchase with them.

  37. My favorite giveaway win was a $75 Gymboree gift card. I stretched it with coupons and Gymboree rewards to get more than $400 worth of clothes for my little girl.

  38. That’s a hard question! I’ve won a lot of small things, but they are items my girls love!

  39. Misha Estrada

    My favorite giveaway win was a SleepNumber bed. It is so comfortable.

  40. Melody

    I won a fancy waffle maker a few years ago and some organic towels! 🙂

  41. Rochel S

    One of my favorite wins was a Mutsy stroller! Great Stroller!

  42. Andrea Smith

    six BumGenius diapers–three were organic!

  43. kathy pease

    My favorite win would be a 46 inch flat screen tv I won because the whole family gets a lot of use out of that one 🙂

  44. Julia Cosgrove

    My favorite winning so far is the V-Tech InnoTab 3S. This is going to make a great gift for my son on Christmas.

  45. A new laptop or an electric guitar

  46. Mary Diehl

    I have won a few and I think my best win was a box of Hasbro toys valued over a $100.00 and a walmart GC that I was able to do Christmas for my boy

  47. Jessica

    I won a personalized satin blanket for my daughter when I was pregnant. It isn’t my most valuable win, but it is the most used/loved. She is 22 months old now and carries it EVERYWHERE with her and won’t sleep without it.

  48. mattq

    I’ve never won a giveaway 🙁

  49. I’ve yet to win a giveaway. I have entered every soda stream giveaway there is, have signed up to host multiple soda stream parties and been denied all eight times. I’m starting to think they don’t like me. With the holidays right around the corner, I would love to win this. It’s perfect for both my kids who love Dora the Explorer.

  50. Theresa

    Diapers are my favorite win because they were a great bay shower gift and saved me some money!

  51. Tina McGraw

    Anything food related always makes me happy!

  52. I won $250 gift card once a while back. I would to give this doll to my granddaughter for Christmas.

  53. Jodi Holmes

    I won a Walmart Gift Card once.

  54. Kelly woods

    I won an xbox kinect but it hasn’t come yet- super excited and thanks for the chance!!

  55. Shanna

    I won a vacuum ! LOL ! =) Thank you!

  56. Meagan BS

    I’ve only won a few small giveaways, but I think my favorite was some chick-fil-a free coupons 🙂

  57. tracey johnson

    i won a Play MG and i loved it because i gave it to my child and i got my phone back…lol

  58. Debby Chandler

    my favorite giveaway was the time I won a $250 gift card to Tiffnay’s. I got myself a lovely pearl bracelet with it.

  59. Virginia Rowell

    My favorite win was a kindle fire. I love it as I am an avid reader.

  60. Gianna

    Cooking appliances for a recipe contest since it was something I created that won.

  61. courtney b

    i won a $500 gift card to sears- thats the best giveaway i’ve won

  62. john hutchens

    My favorite win is a herbarium. it is very nice


    2 years ago I won an xbox 360 and it came with a Zappos gift card. This is the biggest win I’ve had and unexpected no email it just showed up one day Wow it was a great surprise.

  64. Carol Taylor

    I have not won anything yet but I keep trying to win something for my grandchildren since have very limited income….

  65. Victoria Carlson

    My favorite giveaway win was a lawn mower! At the time I won, ours had just broke and we desperately needed one! It came at the perfect time and it has worked so well!

  66. Victoria Carlson

    My favorite giveaway win was a lawn mower! At the time I won, ours had just broke and we desperately needed one! It came at the perfect time and it has worked so well! Definitely appreciated it!

  67. Joyce Harrell

    I won an iPad which I use everyday and love it.

  68. Wendy R.

    My favorite win was a trip to Disneyland but that was many, many years ago.

  69. Natalia Gonzalez

    I would love to win a trip!

  70. Lisa

    I’ve won a few things but my first online win I’ll always remember was some Tupperware products.

  71. I won a $300 booster/car seat for my kids!

  72. joanne gentry

    I won a SodaStream, it is an awesome win!

  73. Stephanie MacDonald

    I won an Ipad 2 before!!

  74. Melissa Nagy

    I have two favorite wins. The first was an American Girl doll and trip to NYC. My daughter felt like a princess and my husband and son thoroughly enjoyed the 2 night stay in a hotel in NYC. My second favorite was a $250 Visa gift card and the whole line of products from Wholly Guacamole. I always love those “congratulations” emails! Good luck everybody!

  75. A long time ago, I won one CD a month for a year. It was fun to see what surprise CD was waiting in my mailbox each month.

  76. Jessica Whitehouse

    I won a $100 Kohl’s card. My husband an I spent an entire afternoon shopping the clearance racks. We bought 2 outfits for my daughter, 3 for my son, and socks for all 3 of my kids… and only spent $97.00!

  77. Alycia

    I won a Britax Marathon a couple of months ago – right before we were were switching my son out of his infant car seat – perfect timing!

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  78. Teresa Thompson

    I won a year supply of diapers. They sent me an 800 gift card and I split it between my daughter and son for my grandkids.

  79. Natalie yeoman

    I won a set of tires and a $100 visa it was awesome my dad needed new tires and I got the Visa card (:

  80. I just won a free year too cool site to edit photos and make cards for family and friends!

  81. Marianna

    My favorite win was a trip to Seattle with spa treatments! Divine!

  82. Jennifer Speed

    my favorite was winning a $100 cash because I was able to get a new case for my phone and some groceries.

  83. liz l

    I like nail polish winnings

  84. Dusty Schnur

    My favorite win would have to be the $1400 suite that I won in the Bahamas.

  85. Michelle Little

    My favorite giveaway win was my MacBook Pro. Love that thing!!

  86. melina r

    My favorite giveaway win (sweepstakes) was a trip to Walt Disney World from Nestle company.

  87. I recently won a Kindle Fire; it’s perfect for using in our homeschool.

  88. Michele Amos

    We won a kayak a couple years ago.

  89. e michelle

    i won a 500 dollar gift card to walmart right before christmas it was wonderful bc i was low on funds and it went a long way!

  90. alena svetelska

    one of my wins was week ago when i won kindle fire hd love it

  91. Tamara

    I won a Keurig and k-cups from International Delight a few months ago. I was pretty excited

  92. Billie Wilson

    my favorite win was a personalized book for my my kids.

  93. Andrina Goetz

    My favorite win was a kitchenaid mixer a couple of years ago. I use it weekly and love it.

  94. tina reynolds

    A trip to germany it was amazing my hubby and I had never really had a vacation together


    My daughter would love this for the bath tub

  96. Shea Balentine

    My favorite win was last summer.. I won Large Green Egg Grills with accessories. Was able to give hubby and stepdad each one for father’s day! =)

  97. Leah Shumack

    I won a nice jewelry box last year!

  98. Dawn Monroe

    I won a MGM classic movie box set with over 50 classic movies, Im a huge fan so I love it! Betti Davis and Vivean Leigh are my two favorites.

  99. Laurie Emerson

    My favorite giveaway win was a teddy bear. I know I am too old to buy one for myself and I admit I would feel guilty if I did. I have not have one since I was a little girl so this teddy bear just makes me smile and feel like a kid again.

  100. heather

    My favorite win is, anything the kids would enjoy, that’s why I enter sweeps.

  101. My favorite was the Graco sweepstakes I won the month before my son was born. It was perfect timing and it hooked me up with all of the things that we wanted, but couldn’t afford.

  102. Ashley Schein

    I don’t have a favorite thing I have won. I love anything that I can give to my daughter, husband, or other family members.

  103. Hoping I win this Dora I haven’t ever won anything in contest before

  104. A $275 Target gift card is definitely my favorite giveaway win so far.

  105. jeanette sheets

    my favorite was when i won a keurig machine ,simply because i adore coffee and had always wanted one of these

  106. alex roach

    I’ve only won books!

  107. Saver Sara

    A $1500 GC for LazyBoy furniture. It was so awesome when we bought on house and could get furniture for the living room!

  108. Theresa Torres

    I won a trip to six flAgs and a couple of concerts

  109. Once, my husband won a $500 walmart gift card.

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