Win a 21″ Flynn Rider Plush Doll from Tangled (2 Winners)

Tangled Flynn Rider 21" Plush Doll

It’s time for another giveaway for Simply Contests readers! Today, we’re giving away two Tangled 21″ Flynn Rider Plush Dolls (list price $19.50). Time to give Rapunzel a charming friend!

Tangled 21″ Flynn Rider Plush Doll

If you are a fan of Tangled, you’ll know exactly who Flynn Rider is. The Disney Store doll is a perfect match for Rapunzel.

Buy It!

The Tangled 21″ Flynn Rider Plush Doll currently sells for 33% off on Amazon.

Gift It!

Does someone in your family enjoy the Tangled movie? You can pair Flynn Rider with Rapunzel for a great gift!

Win It!
Two lucky Simply Contests readers will win a Tangled 21″ Flynn Rider Plush Doll.

Giveaway ends: November 25, 2013 at 11:59 pm CST.


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151 Responses to Win a 21″ Flynn Rider Plush Doll from Tangled (2 Winners)

  1. Lindsay McCain

    My favorite is The Little Mermaid because it was my favorite as a child.

  2. tess

    i really like Finding Nemo…b/c it teaches about how familsy take care of each other.
    tcogbill at live dot com

  3. Melissa

    Tangled, it’s a cute movie both girls and boys enjoy!

  4. Tamara

    My favorite is The Little Mermaid because of the love story. My children have watched it over and over again.

  5. Emily

    I love the Tangled movie. I loved every minute of it.

  6. Darlene Owen

    My favorite is Black Beauty.

  7. Kathy Lausche

    Our favorite is Black Beauty! My Grand Daughter loves anything to do with horses!

  8. I actually like Tangled for the boys b/c it finally has a lot of boyish elements vs. princess,, princess, princess.

  9. Tayden S.

    Lilo and Stitch is one of my favorite kid movies and always seemed to work like a charm while I was babysitting. Lilo is adorable, Stitch is crazy enough for the boys, it has aliens, and the kids love to try re-enacting the lines.

  10. Kaci Guisinger Harrison

    My favorite is UP! It was so great and my kids loved it too. I like that the story is wrapped around an old man searching for his loves paradise and it ends up being funny and sad and happy and crazy! I cried and laughed and cried and laughed. I just love it so.

  11. April Brenay

    I love sleeping beauty! has the best disney villain of all time!

  12. Lauren Becker

    Non-animated movie for kids, I’d say The Little Rascals. It’s all about the kids and it’s fun and deals with a lot of “topics.”

  13. karen dwight

    my friends daughter loves that movie and this doll would be a nice christmas gift

  14. Brianne Allen

    My favorite has always been Alice in Wonderland. There are so many wonderful characters and I like the silliness.

  15. Cheyenne G.

    I love Rise of Guardians because it has such a great message its easy to watch over and over again!

  16. Jane Squires

    All the buddies movies. My grandchildren from age 13 down to age 2 love them.

  17. john hutchens

    my kids love Tangled

  18. Heather Bridson

    My favorite movie for kids is finding nemo.

  19. Elizabeth W

    I really like The Lorax – it’s fun and it has a great message!

  20. Robert

    I love the Princess and the Frog, such a great story about hard work and dreams.

  21. Lacey j

    My favorite kids movie is still Alladin! Disney has such wonderful movies

  22. Robin Wilson

    We love Cinderella ~ dreams can come true

  23. Megan Parsons

    My daughters favorite animated movie is Tangle! She loves Maximus and she loves Rapunzel!

  24. angel d

    my kids favorite at the moment is wreck it Ralph. they love it because its based on video games.

  25. Alissa A

    I love Cars and the messages for kids!

  26. Katie Bellamy

    I love Beauty & the Beast, its always been my favorite Disney movie & I’m glad my daughter loves it too!

  27. Wanda Clark

    We love the original Shrek movie. This is one you just don’t pop in for the kids and walk away. It’s great for the whole family to enjoy.

  28. We love Tangled and Croods.

  29. Dorothy Teel

    My favorite movie for kids would be Miracle on 34th Street, leaves a lot of great memories. I guess of the cartoon childrens movies I love Shrek the original.

  30. Alicia Sparks

    One of my favorites is an old Disney movie called “Condorman.” A comic book writer gets mistaken for a spy, and goes on adventures across Europe with lots of spy gadgets

  31. Joyce Raymond

    The first movie that came to mind was “The Lion King”. I love it because there are so many “life lessons” in the movie, but they aren’t shoved down the throats of kids. Instead they are absorbed with kicky tunes and mostly loveable characters . I would sure love to see the play one day:).

  32. courtney gibson

    Monster Inc. Its such a cute movie my son loves it.

  33. Jennifer M

    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh because it teaches kids about friendship and caring.

  34. Kristie F.

    I like Lion King, my kids are always laughing during that movie.

  35. Amanda

    Beauty and the Beast is my favorite! It reminds kids to see what’s inside and not outward appearances.

  36. Tamar

    I love Lion King, it’s a great animated film. I also loved Flight of the Navigator as a kid as well as Back to the future and E.T.
    My kids are a little too young for the non-animated ones but I can’t WAIT to share them with them. Those are some awesome movies.

  37. jamie Martin

    we love Tangled and Brave!

  38. Dawn Monroe

    Shrek is the bestmovie.

  39. Jessica Whitehouse

    I love all Disney movies, especially Monsters. Inc and Tangled… Rapunzel has always been my favorite fairy tale.

  40. Natalie yeoman

    Lion king because I loved that movie it was so sad and cute

  41. Ann Barham

    My favorite is the Little Mermaid.

  42. Daniel M

    at the moment Tangled IS their fav movie, for the songs and adventure

  43. chris hoey

    My kids and my favorite is the Little Mermaid

  44. melina r

    My favorite movie is The Princess and the Frog. Loved the ending.

  45. danielle johnson

    My boys always watched Cars, they could watch it over and over.

  46. Jessica

    i love Tangled! it’s always been a favorite of mine!

  47. Beth

    My favorite is Dark Crystal. It’s old puppet from Jim Henson but an amazing movie.

  48. amy f

    a Christmas story

  49. 1955nurse

    My granddaughter loves Tangled & brave, my Grandson loves all the Madegascar movies – & I ALWAYS have loved the Wizard of OZ!!! Thanks for the chance….

  50. Nikki Strong

    I like the movie Brave because it teaches my daughters that they can be independent.

  51. Tough to choose just one, but Brave is a big favorite.

  52. Athena S

    My daughter’s favorite movie is Bolt. She loves movies where animals talk.

  53. colleen t

    Toy Story will always be my favorite. It teaches kids to use their imagination and also to work together.

  54. Heather D.

    My favorite movie is Finding Nemo. I like that it is made for adults and for children, humor wise. I also love the moral of the story: that a deficit or a weakness is not a deficit in the right situation.

  55. Karen Propes

    We love Tangled, and most all Disney movies. Isn’t it amazing that they still continue to put out fabulous movies for the family. It’s been so long and so many movies, hard to pick just one.

  56. Diana

    We love the movie Cars. Mater is so funny and it is just an all aorund great family movie.

  57. Elsie

    Tangled and The Lion King are just two of our favorites!
    We love DISNEY’s movies and ice shows and wonderful toys too.

  58. Kati

    I have always loved The Lion King and Aladdin.

  59. Toni Marie Caravello

    Favorite movie is Little Mermaid.

  60. Paol Trenny

    I love musical so It would have to be “Sound of Music” because it wholesome fun and a classic

  61. Kate F.

    I love Beauty and the Beast. The story and the music are fantastic.

  62. Meaghan Richardson

    My daughter loves tangled and Aladdin

  63. Theresa

    We love the Little Mermaid because it’s such a classic!

  64. Helga

    I like finding nemo!

  65. Brynn

    Our all time favorite family movie is Beauty and the Beast!

  66. tricia

    My family & I love the Cars it is just so funny!

  67. Rebecca

    The little mermaid, I love the music!

  68. jessica edwards

    Brave and Tangled

  69. Angela W

    My kids love The Cars movie. We live near a professional racetrack which makes them love the car racing more and is probably why we all love the movie!

  70. Wendy R.

    My kids loved to watch The Dark Crystal. It’s an old one!

  71. Jenna

    I love the live-action Eloise movies. They capture the spirit of the books so perfectly.

  72. Brave, Merida is strong and independent plus the movie is just great?

  73. My kids LOVE tangled and the Tangled Ever After short!!
    Thanks for the give-a-way!

  74. Angie Bailey

    We like the Shrek movies at our house.

  75. Nancy

    Too many to pick a favorite, but any of the Disney Pixar films.

  76. Rochel S

    I like Mulan! They have a lot of good songs on it 🙂

  77. Audrey Griffis

    nemo is my all time favorite but there are so many great kids movies

  78. Helen

    I like Monsters Inc because it is so funny

  79. ACarolyn Colley

    my favorite all time kids movie, well not just for kids, is the Wizard of Oz, I’ve been watching it for years and still love it every times I watch it.

  80. ACarolyn Colley

    my name should be just Carolyn Colley not ACarolyn Colley

  81. Ashley T.

    I like Finding Nemo, it shows the importance of facing your fears and it’s very awesome to see a “single dad” taking care of his child/children , because I know QUITE A FEW men that have sole custody of their children and are amazing daddy’s!!

  82. Meagan BS

    I love peter pan, I’m a disney fanatic but this is my favorite!

  83. Siobhan

    I do love Tangled, and The Little Mermaid is pretty high up on the list too

  84. Karen F

    I like CARS, the first one, it is a good family movie.

  85. Sharidan Dillon

    We are really enjoying Tangled right now.

  86. Katherine C

    A family favorite is Tangled. We watch it a lot!! The music is great!

  87. Gabriel Rossi

    Awesome, I would like to win!

  88. ryan

    Kids fave Tangled, Little Mermaid, Toy Story.

  89. Melissa Bohannon

    My kids love all the Disney movies. My favorite for them to watch are educational films.

  90. I do not have just one favorite – I like Despicable Me, Matilda, The Goonies, Finding Nemo, and I could go on and on. Any movie I can sit and watch (or listen to when I am driving) more than once is good but these are all movies I would sit down and watch with the kids because I enjoy seeing them.

  91. Amanda Leach

    The Little Mermaid or Cinderella!

  92. Beckie G.

    I would have to say that Sleeping Beauty is my favorite since when I was a kid. My whole family loved tangled and laughed at the horse so much! Which, incidentially reminded us of the horse from Sleeping Beauty! 🙂

  93. Deanna

    The Lion King has been my favorite for a long time!

  94. Melissa Nagy

    I love Cars. It always makes me tear up when Lightening McQueen opts to lose the race and push “The King” across the finish line. It’s such a great moral for kids to learn that winning isn’t everything.

  95. nikki b

    i always liekd the brave little toaster

  96. Georgia Beckman

    I love Beauty and The Beast.

  97. Jodi T

    Nemo – great for all ages!

  98. I do love Tangled. My son has watched it over and over and it never gets old. Another one of my favorites is Sword and the Stone.

  99. Pauline M

    My favorite is the original Monsters, Inc.! It’s a classic and still as fun as the first time I saw it!

  100. Andrina G

    I love Little Mermaid because my daughter enjoys it.

  101. Anissa

    It’s not for the youngest kids but Princess Bride is a sure classic!

  102. Stephen

    The great pumpkin

  103. Kelly Kimmell

    The Guardians, because it is good for the entire family.

  104. Julia Cosgrove

    I have to go with Toy Story because the kids love it and it also teaches them morals.

  105. I remember in Elementary school that my favorite movie was Pocahontas. I loved everything about it from the story to the songs.

  106. Mel

    I love Muppets from Space. It reminds me of being a kid.

  107. Prudence Hayes

    Tangled! Anything with a strong willed girl is a great one.

  108. lisa l.

    Beauty and the Beast is the best…we watched it with our kids and they loved it.

  109. Emilie Proctor

    Despicable Me is great!

  110. Katie S

    I really like cloudy with a chance of meatballs

  111. jeremy mclaughlin

    Always loved watching Toy Story.

  112. Dawn

    I like Mulan. It is a movie about a strong woman who was a hero to protect her family.

  113. margaret peg m

    probably ‘toy story’ and ‘tarzan’ (great music)

  114. Marie Constantineau

    101 dalmations.. it was the first movie i saw as a child, and it has always remained close to my heart.. and was the first movie my own child saw
    good luck to all

  115. Gianna

    The incredibles because all the kids love it.

  116. jeanette sheets

    i know its old but my son loves the movie called the bear he loves bears and is autistic so this is perfect for our family

  117. Diane Mania

    We all love …Happy Ending

  118. tina reynolds

    We loved the lion king

  119. Sarah Cool

    I LOVE the Despicable Me’s!!! They are so cute and i love the quality of the images and the characters are adorable

  120. Carey Miller

    Monsters, Inc. is the best kid movie EVER in my opinion.

  121. Carey Miller

    Monsters, Inc. is the best kid movie EVER in my opinion. I love it because the characters are cute and very “real” for a cartoon. They’re not one dimensional. And there’s enough adult innuendo to make it interesting without being obnoxious.

  122. Heather B

    I have always like the Lion King, I love the lessons behind it without it being too in your face about them

  123. Lesley F

    My kids are big fans of Shrek

  124. Kristen Patton

    I love Despicable Me! The minions are adorable!!

  125. aimee mcpherson

    Cinderella because I am a romantic

  126. Ellen Harry

    I like shrek

  127. jules m.

    Nightmare Before Christmas- the music is just fantastic!

  128. Laurie Emerson

    I like Toy Story as my son and daughter love to watch it over and over again which makes it a big hit in our family as they never get tired of it.

  129. Caroline

    My favorite is actually Tangled, because it is hilarious. Makes me feel like a kid again!

  130. Samii Meyer

    I love The Despicable Me movies 🙂

  131. megan

    I love cinderella, I watched that all the time as a child.

  132. Jeane c

    “Finding Nemo”.. can watch it over and over ♥

  133. Tom Lester

    Love Finding Nemo because it brings me and my kids together, we all love the movie!


    My daughter loves Toy Story…she likes how all the toys come alive. She watches Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 everyday!!

  135. Tabitha

    To be honest I’d say The Santa Claus.
    The one with Tim Allen.
    It’s everything Christmas should be .
    My daughter and I love it =)

  136. socratesjr

    We love Finding Nemo because the whole family can enjoy it!

  137. Carolyn Daley

    Despicable Me because it is hilarious. They also enjoy Wreck-It Ralph with the video game references.

  138. Leslie Davis

    Beauty and the Beast and The Princess Bride as they have been my favorites forever.

  139. rose paden

    My favorite is Lion King! It has been my favorite for many years!

  140. Matthew Roren

    any disney animated movie they are all so classic

  141. Julie Harris

    The Princess Bride, love love love that movie!!

  142. Debra Sauvageau

    Shrek – because it has a great moral lesson about not judging others by looks

  143. liz

    Snow white, she looks just like her

  144. Christian Alejandro

    I love the Lorax because it’s a great movie with a good message.

  145. heather

    Frosty the snowman because it reminds me of when I was a kid.

  146. Rick P

    Toy Story 3

  147. Jodi Kershuk

    Toy Story, all of them. We watch it at least weekly

  148. Melinda Stephens

    I love Wall-E. Even little kids understand what the robots say.

  149. Emily R.

    We love Peter Pan because of the adventure!

  150. Dusty Schnur

    I love the lion king because of all the sing a long songs.

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