Magical Zhu Zhu Princess Playset Magical Heart Castle Giveaway

zhu zhu pet castle

It’s time for another giveaway for Simply Contests readers! Today, weÒ€ℒre giving away a Magical Zhu Zhu Princess Playset Magical Heart Castle (list price $29.99). If you have zhu zhu pets somewhere in storage, dig them out!

Magical Zhu Zhu Princess Playset Magical Heart Castle

The castle is for kids 3 years and up. It doesn’t come with a hamster, but is an add-on for the line of all the accessories for your zhu zhu pets.

Although if your kids are like mine, the hamsters wouldn’t even use the castle and it would probably become a castle for ponies, Dora, or Lego guys anyways!

Think it!

Remember four years ago when Zhu Zhu pets were one of the hot holiday toys? It’s funny how I probably haven’t seen our little pet robot hamsters since then! I love to bring back old toys our kids once loved after they’ve forgotten them and it’s like they are brand new again!

Buy It!

Magical Zhu Zhu Princess Playset Magical Heart Castle currently sells for over 50% off on Amazon.

Gift It!

If the kids on your list still play with Zhu Zhu pets, you can add it to the collection. Otherwise I’d skip it.

Win It!
One lucky Simply Contests reader will win a Magical Zhu Zhu Princess Playset Magical Heart Castle.

Giveaway ends: October 30, 2013 at 11:59 pm CST.


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117 Responses to Magical Zhu Zhu Princess Playset Magical Heart Castle Giveaway

  1. Kelly D

    My daughter would use her zhu zhu pets in the castle

  2. rachel

    beautiful birthday gift for my god daughter

  3. Ann Fantom

    My daughter has bunch of Zhu Zhu pets that she would use with this castle.

  4. Darlene Carbajal

    I would give this as a gift. πŸ™‚

  5. heather baker

    my daughter has zhu zhu pets that she would use and probably her Barbie’s too

  6. beth shepherd

    My daughter would use her barbies and her zhu zhu pets

  7. Dawn Monroe

    I think they would use there my little ponys with it.

  8. Sarah Simpson

    My daughter would use this daily…she loves her zhu zhu pets, and she has seen this castle and keeps telling me she wants it for Christmas:)

  9. Donna L

    The Zhu Zhu Pets Add On Playset Magical Crystal Ballroom Hamster.

  10. anna

    my daughter has small little bears with bikes and clothes and I am sure they will move right into the castle πŸ™‚

  11. Tamar

    my daughter would use little fisher price figures in it because that’s all we have right now πŸ™‚

  12. Sharon Kaminski

    our granddaughter has several zhu zhu pets which she would use with the castle

  13. Deanna Brown

    My niece would love this she is such a little princess!

  14. Francine Anchondo

    She would use her zhu zhu pets


    My granddaughter would love this

  16. I have 4 granddaughters, and I do know they have a few zhu zhu’s around still, but I have a feeling they would also use their Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony, etc. pieces in it as well. I love children’s creativity!


    I like the Zhu Zhu pets.Thanks for the chance.

  18. Amanda

    The Littlest Pet Shop animals would probably have their adventures here.

  19. marie

    they would probley use it for their little pet shops

  20. Meggan

    I love this! My daughter would play for hours (and she might even try to stand on it)

  21. Rochel S

    My daughter would use any of her little people or animals in it!

  22. Anja M.

    My niece would use her Zhu Zhu Pets.

  23. Marta Redding

    My granddaughters’ would absolutely love this! My great niece is 2 and has Zhu Zhu pets, she loves them and would love this castle and would the pets in it Thanks!

  24. John

    Actually, if I won prize would go to a childrens charity

  25. Jane Ritz

    My granddaughter would use a little set of Disney characters that she has. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.

  26. Danielle

    my nieces love zhu zhus!

  27. heather eg kaufman

    I think she would use her Zhu Zhu pet.

  28. chris hoey

    my grandkids love zhu zhus!

  29. Natalie yeoman

    I think this castle would be her favorite with her zhu zhu pets she would love this

  30. amanda

    my daughter would take her brothers zhu zhu pets to play with this as well as probably using her my little ponies and barbies because you cant just have a castle and not have every single toy be apart of the royal family!

  31. Patricia Wojnar Crowley

    They would definitely play with their Zhu Zhu pets with this!

  32. My daughter has a HUGE thing of Zhu Zhu pets. I think this would help her get interested in them again!

  33. Cari S.

    My daughter would definitely get out her zhu zhu pets!

  34. tess

    my daughter would try and move her little ponys in that castle

  35. Claire Rheinheimer

    My daughter is only 4 months, so I would save this for her until she’s older, but I could see my son trying to put all his little people in this, as well as his dragon and knight. lol

  36. Michelle

    My daughter loves her zhu zhu pets

  37. June S.

    I don’t know for sure what the little three year old girl I babysit for would use this castle with. But I’m sure she has some small little play figures she might have.


    want it

  39. They would probably use their barbies with this toy.

  40. I want the Cepia Zhu Zhu Princess Carriage too.

  41. Stephen

    Lego People!

  42. Wendy R.

    Hmmm… either zhu zhu pets or Monster High dolls!

  43. Katie Bellamy

    My daughter would use these for her princesses!

  44. tina reynolds

    my daughter would love this she would probalby use dolls


    My daughter would use her Zhu Zhu pets with this!

  46. jessica edwards

    she would use her zuzu pets and barbies

  47. Sarah W

    I think my daughter would use her barbies or little people

  48. Karl

    They would probably use it for their tiny hearts stuffed animals.

  49. abedabun dawn

    my grand daughter would use the Cepia Zhu Zhu Princess Carriage to carry her safely to the castle.

  50. Jenna

    They’d use zhu zhus and probably every other doll and animal with this!

  51. liza

    my daughter never put hers up she plays with every wkend

  52. Kyra

    My kids do have zhuhai pets but their recent obsession have been littlest pet shop, but I can see them digging out their zhu zhu pets to play with this.

  53. Patricia Creasy

    My grand kids would love all of the toys. They love castles.

  54. April Martin

    This would make a great gift for my niece!!!!!

  55. Ashley turicik

    I think my kids would use their zhu zhu pets and my daughters disney princess figurines to play with this.

  56. Laura J

    Oh she still plays with her Zhu Zhu’s all the time, so she would use those for sure!!!

  57. Shanna

    Oh yes !!! They would love this ! very cute !

  58. April Yedinak

    They would use their Zhu Zhu’s, MLP’s, LPS’s and various other toy animals they always play with.

  59. Jan Hammersmith

    zhu zhu pets

  60. 1955nurse

    My Grandaughter loves her Zhu Zhu pets, so she would play w/them in this set, along w/her Hello Kitty! & other toys. Thanks for the chance….

  61. Emerson Lane Originals

    My daughter would LOVE this!! I think she WOULD dig out the Zhu Zhu pets…but I think she would use a combination of Zhu Zhus and Polly Pockets riding them…lol. Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  62. April M

    My little girl would love to add this to her Zhu Zhu pet!

  63. Tamara

    My kids would dig out their zhu zhu pets. It would make them want to play with them again for sure.

  64. Janina

    My daughter would use her zhu zhu pets

  65. Jeanine

    My granddaughter would use her miniature Micky and Minnie Mouse

  66. Mary Diehl

    My kids would use their zhu zhu pets plus all theu=ir other little figures at playing with this. thank you

  67. emily

    Probably polly pockets

  68. Kathy Lausche

    My Grandaughter would probably use her Disney Princess doll with this.

  69. Tori Norris

    My little ones would play with any toy they could with this, including their mega bloks! lol

  70. April

    My kids would use this with their little people!

  71. Christina Y.

    My little sisters would absolutely adore this! They are obsessed with Zhu Zhu pets!

  72. Kaci Guisinger Harrison

    I had completely forgot my daughters both have Zhu Zhu pets stored away in their closets! Those were all the rage years ago. They have all colors. My youngest would love this, it would bring the pets back out of the closet and played with again! Cool!

  73. Megan Parsons

    She would use the princess carriage with this!

  74. Krystal Dunlap

    My daughters would use their Zhu Zhu pets that got for Christmas last year or year before from my best friend. πŸ™‚

  75. aimee mcpherson


  76. Angela Hendricks

    If I won, I would probably buy one or two zhu zhu pets for my child. Plus our Mickey and Minnie figurines would probably love to live their too!

  77. Vera P.

    I think they would use it with their Zhu Zhu Princess Carriage.

  78. Lorenzo

    I wish to win it for my daughter, she would be very happy about!

  79. Tiffany Hearn

    My daughter has some hamster and a car that she would use with this. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  80. Heather B

    while the zhu zhu may get to visit I am sure the castle would be inhabited with littlest pet shop!

  81. Jessica Whitehouse

    My niece love Disney Princesses, so this would probably become Cinderella’s castle.

  82. Dorothy Teel

    Yeap my granddaughters have Zhu, Zhu pets that would love to use the castle and they would have a place to store them and all of their accessories..

  83. Wanda Clark

    She loves to play with all her different toys together so if I know her she would try to use her polly pocket dolls along with other Zhu Zhu’s she has, and probably give her pet shop pets a ride too.

  84. Ann Barham

    My niece has a ton of zhu zhu pets and would love this.

  85. Kiera M.

    my niece would probably use her Barbie dolls

  86. Jill Myrick

    My daughter would love to use her Zhu Zhu pets to play with this castle.


  87. Daniel M

    she would use it with all her dolls and other characters

  88. Joyce Raymond

    I can see my granddaughter playing with it using her smaller Barbie/type dolls.

  89. Cathy C

    My niece would love this… she is already a princess.

  90. Teresa Thompson

    She would use her zhu zhu pets.

  91. Rebecca Peters

    They just might dig out their zhu zhus

  92. shawna

    They would for sure dig out the Zhu Zhu’s.

  93. Paula Tavernie

    She would use her little people figures and any thing else! Her imagination is great!

  94. linda w.

    She still plays with her Zhu Zhu pets but would probably put her Littlest Pet Shop and Squinkies in it

  95. karen matlock

    My grandkids would play with Zhu Zhu pets and some of them would make it home for a Lego army!

  96. Laurie Emerson

    My daughter would definitely dig out the Zhu Zhu Pets but would probably add a couple of her My Little Ponies along with them.


    my daughter would play with her zhu zhu pets and barbie with the castle

  98. amy f

    my little pony

  99. Stephanie MacDonald

    She would probably use her barbies!

  100. Leslie Davis

    Would get for my friend’s daughter and think she’d probablt use my little ponies.

  101. susan smoaks

    our daughter would play with her zhu zhus with this, she loves them and this castle would be a fun addition

  102. Diana Hatch

    My granddaughters would use their Strawberry Shortcakes

  103. Claire

    I want the Cepia Zhu Zhu Princess Carriage too.

  104. Beverly M

    She would put her zhu zhu pets in this castle. Thanks.

  105. My daughter would use her zhu zhu pets in the castle!!!

  106. Tim

    They might even try to use their barbies with it even though it is completely not on scale.

  107. Les Johnson

    My daughter would use her zhu zhu pets in this castle. It is so cute!

  108. Athena S

    My daughter would probably use it with her barbie dolls

  109. kathy dalton

    My GRAND daughter would definitely use her zhu zhu pets

  110. Jennifer M

    Little Disney figurines and my little pony

  111. Vikki Billings

    yes my granddaughter would definitely dig out her zhu-zhu pets!

  112. Andrina G

    My daughter would probably use her mini ponies with it

  113. Dusty Schnur

    My kids would usually use their Zhu Zhu pets with the castle.

  114. dv8

    The Zhu Zhu Pets are still out and would enter the castle but a couple of Furbies might try to conquer them.

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