Pizzacraft Restaurant Style Pizza Serving Stand Giveaway

Pizza serving stand

It’s time for another giveaway for Simply Contests readers! Today, we’re giving away a Pizzacraft 8″ x 8″ Restaurant Style Pizza Serving Stand (list price $14.99). Time to make some pizza!

Pizzacraft Restaurant Style Pizza Serving Stand

We have a small kitchen booth that doesn’t have a lot of room for a pizza in the middle of the table. The pizza stand lifts up the pizza to make room for our plates on the table. The kids always think it’s fun to serve our pizza “just like they do in restaurants!”

The pizza stand also unscrews so that you can store it flat.

Buy It!

Pizzacraft 8″ x 8″ Restaurant Style Pizza Serving Stand currently sells for 25% off on Amazon.

Gift It!

Does someone in your family love pizza?

Win It!
One lucky Simply Contests reader will win a Pizzacraft PC0403 8″ x 8″ Restaurant Style Pizza Serving Stand.

Giveaway ends: November 6, 2013 at 11:59pm CST.


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172 Responses to Pizzacraft Restaurant Style Pizza Serving Stand Giveaway

  1. Danielle

    i will make a bacon and onion pizza!

  2. Kelly D

    I would make a veggie pizza with black olives and mushrooms.

  3. Vera K

    I would make a pizza with cheese and tons of veggies.

  4. heather eg kaufman

    We would make Hawaiian pizza

  5. Elsie

    Mushrooms galore on my pizza, for sure!

  6. amanda

    i will be making two like i always do pepperoni and black olives for my kids and for myself tomatos onions peppers and mushrooms yumm i am now hungry!

  7. cheryl lister

    I’d make a barbecued chicken with cheddar and lots of fresh cilantro.

  8. Hamburger with lots of veggies!

  9. tara darity

    chicken pizza!

  10. darby

    I would love veggie pizza!

  11. Tamar

    I’d make a simple pizza first and get adventurous after that 😉

  12. Brooke Adametz

    I’d make a pizza with jalapenos and onions!

  13. Darlene Carbajal

    I’d make pepperoni 🙂

  14. Julie

    Pizza with BACON !!

  15. Francine Anchondo

    A pepperoni pizza

  16. Natalie yeoman

    Cheese pizza (:

  17. Claire Rheinheimer

    I haven’t made taco pizza in awhile, maybe I’d make that.

  18. Heather

    I would make a mushroom and onion pizza!

  19. Christine

    chicken pizza

  20. Stephen

    Thin Crust Pepperoni

  21. I would make Hawaiian pizza

  22. Dianne McVetty

    The first pizza I make to use with this stand would be canadian bacon and ham 🙂 my grandchildren love this kind! Thanks.

  23. Nicole Vosburgh

    I’d love to make a homemade pizza with extra cheese and bacon!

  24. Tonya Dreese

    I would make bar be que pizze, yum

  25. I would make caprese pizza

  26. Janice Dean

    I would make a BLT pizza! Yummm

  27. Amanda Rauch

    My husband and son love to make a seafood pizza that actually isnt too bad.

  28. Dana Rodriguez

    My fiance’ loves meat and I love vegges so it would be a supreme!

  29. Chrystal D

    I’ll make one with pineapple, green peppers, onions & mushrooms on a thin crust.

  30. Amber Carroll

    I love making BBQ chicken and pineapple pizza!


    Pepperoni for my family

  32. Melanie Montgomery

    A triple meat pizza. Sausage, pepperoni and bacon


    Hawaiian pizza is what i like

  34. lynn johnson

    Sausage and mushrooms

  35. Athena S

    I would make a Taco Pizza

  36. Karen

    Try a black olive, onion, pepperoni and artichoke pizza.

  37. jeremy mclaughlin

    I would make a buffalo chicken pizza.

  38. Katie Bellamy

    Pepperoni & onion would be my first choice!

  39. kelly woods

    I would love to make a beef one

  40. debbie

    pepperoni, mushroom, olive, green pepper and extra cheese pizza.

  41. Carla S

    I would make a greek pizza with olives,feta,olive oil,mushrooms,lettuce,and garlic.

  42. David Heath

    pepperoni and mushroom

  43. Ashley H

    I’d make a cheese pizza.

  44. Christy Denton

    Barbecue Pizza if I can get away with not making pepperoni for my 3 year old

  45. Robert

    A barbeque chicken pizza with pineapple.

  46. Karl

    I would make a homemade crust peperoni

  47. Victoria Carlson

    I would make chicken pizza- my favorite!


    Thanks for the chance.

  49. Helga

    I would make pesto pizza.

  50. Leslie

    I’m a little plain, pepperoni. Thanks for the chance to win.

  51. Ryan Dowell

    Super Supreme with extra cheese and a nice cornmeal infused thick rising crust 🙂

  52. vickie schlicher

    pepperoni is the only way to go

  53. Dorothy Teel

    Super, duper and lots of it Pepperoni pizza would be our choice..

  54. Carly B.

    BBQ Chicken Pizza!!!!!

  55. Natalie

    I would make chicken and spinach flatbread pizza

  56. Kyra

    Alfredo pizza!! Yeah!

  57. Danielle Johnson

    I would make a meat lovers with extra cheese, yummy. thanks for the giveaway,.

  58. Ashley turicik

    I would make pepperoni pizza

  59. Jeffrey

    I’d go with a Greek Pizza…Olive oil base with crushed garlic, leafy baby spinach, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, feta cheese, mozzarella and fresh basil!

  60. Michelle L

    I’ll make brie and duck prosciutto pizza

  61. Amanda

    We love roasted veggies and feta pizza!

  62. Casandra

    I’ll definitely make goat cheese and tomato! Its my favorite!

  63. Stephanie P.

    Pepperoni with banana peppers!

  64. Jamie Champagne

    I LOVE this! How fun for sleepovers! We’ll make a cheese pizza – then everyone will add toppings to their section to make it “our own”. 🙂

  65. shelleyb

    I’d make an extra cheese cheese pizza and serve it on this awesome serving stand! Kids and grown ups would enjoy–“Mama’s Pizzeria”

  66. Rachel

    I would make a buffalo chicken pizza!!

  67. Janina

    I would make pepperoni sausage and pineapple pizza!

  68. Jeanine

    I’d make a pizza with sausage and peppers if I won this stand

  69. angel d

    chicken alfredo pizza

  70. sarah t

    a supreme pizza

  71. Cara S

    Plain Cheese is my favorite 🙂

  72. christopher h

    super thin crust pepperoni

  73. Sam Stamp

    I will make Buffalo Chicken Wing Pizza! My favorite!

  74. Kathy Lausche

    I would make a double pepperoni and green olives for my husband! His favorite!

  75. Christina G

    we would love this for our white sauce pizzas!! 🙂

  76. April G.

    White pizza!

  77. Rosanne

    Italian sausage artichokes roasted red pepper and green olives

  78. tina reynolds

    sausage and pineapple

  79. Daiva

    I’ll make ham and pineapple pizza

  80. Carmen S

    I would make a pepperoni pizza with lots of cheese!

  81. Tamara

    I would make pizza with pineapple and ham and loads of cheese.

  82. Mary Diehl

    I’d make a Chef Boyardee pizza with Pepperoni, bacon, peppers, onions, hamburg, sausage, the works. They love them and if I win this, I’d love it even more

  83. Kaci Guisinger Harrison

    Pepperoni and cheese! My husband would probably fight that and want a garlic sauce with chicken and tomato pizza. Those are really good, no pizza sauce, you just mix up garlic butter and spread it across, add a little mozz. cheese and chicken and big slices of tomatoes =)

  84. Heather Bridson

    I would make Ham and Pineapple

  85. Julie W

    I would make cheese pizza

  86. I’d make a bacon and pineapple pizza!

  87. Megan Parsons

    I’d make a supreme or bbq pizza!

  88. Tiya


  89. Ann Barham

    If I win the Pizzacraft Restaurant Style Pizza Serving Stand I will be making chicken alfredo pizza.

  90. camilla

    Our favorite pizza (my husband & I) is margherita pizza and spicy chicken. We will prob bake both the very first night we have our new pizza set!!!

  91. amy f

    veggie pizza

  92. Billie Wilson

    The perfect pizza, half pepperoni half Hawaiian.

  93. john hutchens

    I would make a pepperoni pizza with mushroom, onion, extra cheese, peppers, sausage and ham

  94. Laura P.

    Probably a Buffalo Chicken Pizza or a BBQ Chicken Pizza.

  95. Amy Orvin

    Pepperoni with extra cheese

  96. Diana

    I would make a beef, mushroom and black olive pizza.

  97. melina r

    I would make a meat lovers with peporoni, sausage,ham, and bacon.

  98. Theresa

    I would make sausage, mushroom, and green pepper pizza!

  99. Angela Hendricks

    I would make a cheese pizza, all different kinds of cheese! Like feta, mozzerella, provolone, etc. Yum!

  100. Jenn Armstrong

    I would make a pepperoni and mushroom pizza.

  101. Secret Burkheiser

    My daughter’s favorite, pepperoni

  102. I’ll make a pepperoni pizza first.

  103. Celeste

    classic cheese!

  104. tricia

    Hamburger & onion yum!

  105. Trenda T


  106. Angela W

    We would make the classic pepperoni.

  107. aimee mcpherson

    Buffalo chicken!

  108. Wendy R.

    I’d make pepperoni and black olive pizza!

  109. Spinach and Mushroom pizza would be my first pick!

  110. gail

    Pepperoni!! :]

  111. Renee Saunders

    Chicken, bacon, ranch for sure!

  112. Heather B

    Ham and pepperoni with LOTS of cheese!

  113. Pepperoni & Extra Cheese is the favorite around here.

  114. Angie Bailey

    It’s been a while since I made a BBQ chicken or buffalo chicken pizza so I’d make one of these first.

  115. Alaina

    I love homemade pizza.

  116. Danielle Jones

    I would make cheese and mushroom pizza on my pizza stone.

  117. Linda Winkler

    We could always use a pizza stand in my house!

  118. Nancy

    I have a recipe for a gluten free pizza I’ve been wanting to try.

  119. kelly mcgrew

    1/2 cheese/pep, 1/2 white pizza!

  120. Helen

    I like my own special pizza with pepperoni, bacon, onions, mushroom, and diced tomatoes

  121. Ashley T.

    Authentic pizza margherita !!!!

  122. Becky VanGinkel

    Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo Pizza.. it is soooo delicious!!

  123. G

    the first pizza I’d make would be extra cheese with half sausage mushrooms and onions and half chicken. It’s both my hubby and my favorite toppings. I would love to win this. I make pizza often and this would be so much better for limited space. Thanks for the chance to win.

  124. Lara T

    I will make Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza!

  125. gab

    Veggie!! All the way!


    I’d make pepperoni lover pizza.

  127. Brittney House

    I forgot to leave my name with the previous post. Sorry!
    I’d make pepperoni lover pizza.

  128. Michelle Boor

    i would make carne asada pizza with tomatillo sauce. So yum! Thanks for the chance to win

  129. pepperoni with Serrano peppers and pepper jack cheese

  130. Pam Gurganus

    I would make a deep dish pizza with ham, pineapple, onions, mushrooms and banana peppers!

  131. Ashley

    Nothing is better then homemade pizza! <3

  132. Desiree H

    I would make chicken, jalapenos and pineapple pizza! The best ever!

  133. aimee m

    pepperoni pizza!

  134. Alexis

    my first would be a classic sausage and oregano. yum!

  135. julia cosgrove

    We would make a homemade pepperoni pie.

  136. Kristie F

    Peppers and pepperoni pizza!

  137. Karen F

    I would make a homemade chicken pizza.

  138. Samantha Daleo

    I would make my husbands favorite, Canadian Bacon with Pineapple.


    I would make pepperoni – our favorite

  140. Spicy Cheesy Chicken Wing Pizza!!!

  141. Brynn

    a hawaiian pizza 🙂

  142. Rhonda

    I think I would make a cheese and roasted vegetable pizza first. That seems to be a favorite at our house.

  143. Debi

    All pizza is great so bring it on!

  144. Carla Pullum

    Peperoni and cheese!

  145. Laurie Emerson

    I will make my favorite mushrooms, onion, hamburger and green peppers pizza.

  146. Rebecca Lock

    I will make pesto, ham, and onion pizza.

  147. Jamie N

    I will make a pepperoni pizza!

  148. Teresa Thompson

    Pepperoni and cheese.

  149. ryan

    I would make cheese pizza.

  150. Virginia Rowell

    I would make a double the roni and double the cheese pizza. Yum!

  151. Michelle L

    I’ll make a duck prosciutto and Brie pizza first

  152. Lori O.

    I’d make a veggie pizza with pesto sauce instead of tomato sauce.

  153. Natasha

    I would make a pineapple pizza!

  154. Natasha

    chicken bacon and pineapple pizza!

  155. susan smoaks

    i would make a veggie lovers pizza

  156. vg

    I love making my own Mexican pizza!

  157. Kathy Lausche

    I would make a huge Veggie pizza!

  158. Stephanie MacDonald

    my famous reuben pizza!

  159. liz

    Canadian bacon

  160. Samantha

    I would make a Roasted Veggie pizza!

  161. Dusty Schnur

    I would make a chicken, bacon, ranch pizza!

  162. Trisha McKee

    I would make the pizza for my friend since he is such a pizza lover and he best likes cheese pizza with a thick crust.

  163. Karrie Millheim

    A pepperoni and mushroom pizza

  164. laurie

    I would make supreme pizza

  165. Mihaela Day

    I would make a veggie pizza

  166. Sand

    I would make pepperoni & pineapple pizza.

  167. tracy webb

    onion, pepperoni,black olives, ham, bacon,and pineapples

  168. Sky Kory

    I will make mushroom pizza!

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